About Wedding Velvet Photo Gallery

Wedding Velvet is a photo studio in that has the Best Indian Photographers. They are very sincere with the work we do in the art of photography. Their studio has one of the Best Indian Photographers that can transform your photos into the most beautiful state of art. They have exceptional Indian Wedding Photographers, that will transform your wedding memories into the most creative form of images.

Their Views

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is nothing more gratifying than photographs that don’t just document but capture the string of magical moments that make up a wedding whether is in a church or a natural garden.

Their Belief

Wedding Velvet truly believes that every love story is a fairy-tale in itself, they  put their heart into collecting the special moments and presenting the fairy tale for everyone to see !They believe in creativity. They believe in capturing emotions of joy, sadness, and thankfulness in our pictures so that you can relive and rejoice in the memories of these special moments.

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Founded by Vinay Choithani, Wedding Velvet specializes in luxurious wedding photography, destination weddings and wedding films with an artistic & Personal touch.

They are Specialize in Candid Wedding Photography,  cinematic Story and candid photography & Candid Film’s across the Globe. Check out their Wedding Photograph’s Gallery.