Bride Opening a Gift on the Wedding Day

Be it your childhood best friend, your sister, or your best friend getting married, there is so much that goes on inside you and no one can understand that feeling. you’ve always planned their big, D-DAY maybe more them themselves.. the level of excitement when you get the news to the amount of anxiety as if it’s your own daughter’s wedding, you take it up all. you want everything to be perfect as you’ve always imagined it for them. from helping your beautiful bride find the perfect outfit to blackmailing the groom to take care of your gem while almost choking up, you feel like yeh jawani hai deewani’s Naina for your Aditi.

you have everything planned out in your head since decades.. the perfect place for the bachelorettes to the song you’re going to dance on.. you know that you’re going to be the one jiske baare me sabko poochna hai, and after all,you want it too, even the entire families of the bride’s and grooms’ know that you’re that beloved best friend. just for your best friends wedding, you can become and wedding planner or the pandit if required and can even fight your boss for those two extra days off during the wedding. amidst all the excitement, enthusiasm and happiness, there’s a little corner in your hear that hopes that your best friend doesn’t change after her marriage, and you pray for their happiness more than anything else. and trust me you’ve somewhere even thought by now that you’re going to be their kid’s godmother.
put on a happy face, and post it all over your social media CAN’T KEEP CALM, IT’S MY BESTFRIEND’S WEDDING
you can relate to your emotions if your BFF is getting married, let us know in the comment section and share your experiences.