demand for US-based NRIs

The demand for US-based NRIs in the Indian wedding market has fallen drastically over the past few years. Even NRI grooms and brides are now looking for their better halves based in India rather than abroad. There are quite a few reasons that this change has come about:

  • Recession

Around 2008, a recession hit the world and hit it hard. The US was one of the countries affected by the recession and that showed in their progress as a nation. Thus, the same was also reflected in the decrease in demand for Indian grooms based in the USA.  Over these years, there was a noticeable change even in the online wedding portals. Most people started opting for the ‘No NRIs’option.

  • NRIs moving back to India

In 2011, the US was stripped off of its AAA rating and downgraded to an AA+ rating. This caused NRIs to leave the US and head back home. If this wasn’t enough, job cuts and decreased salaries also became common and only gave the NRIs more incentives to take a flight to India. Naturally, this resulted in a lesser demand for US-based NRIs in the Indian wedding market too.

demand for US based NRIs

  • Hey, we are smart too

Over time, the Indian public realised that the Indian economy was booming, in comparison to the rather unstable economy of the US. Indians working in India had equally good job profiles and were definitely as smart. The US began to give no advantage over India and so, the demand for US-based NRIs in the Indian wedding market decreased further. Read more at Hindustan Times.

  • Terror attacks

Yes, the 9/11. It was not the attack that affected NRIs as such, but it was more to do with the way NRIs in the US were treated after that. Indian parents became reluctant after these happenings to let their children go to the US. They, instead, started looking for good matches within India itself.

demand for US based NRIs

  • The Trump Effect

The present US President Donald Trump’s strict immigration policies have worried Indian parents and citizens and online wedding portals have statistically proved the same. The number of Indians looking for US based NRIs has decreased due to the political developments that have taken place ever since Donald Trump has taken over.

demand for US based NRIs

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  • Hate crimes

Over the past few months, the frequency and number of hate crimes in the US have increased drastically. With these occurrences taking place way too often, it brings about a lot of doubt in Indians’ mind about settling in the US. Hence, they have shifted to looking for matches within the country.

demand for US based NRIs

  • Zero Advantage

 Modern Indians have seen India develop to become a huge nation. They now argue that the US has nothing more to offer to them than India. Keeping true to those words in every sense, they even look for their soulmates within the country itself. Want to know more? Click here to read at The Times Of India.


Over the past 10 or so years, all these reasons have come together and accumulated to bring down the demand for US-based NRIs in the Indian wedding market. Think you don’t agree? Or maybe you have a couple of more points for us? Feel free to comment below and let us know!





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