Why Do You Need A Wedding Planner? Importance And Benefits

A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning and coordination of a customer’s wedding. Weddings hold a great significance in a couples life and so they are often willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure that their weddings are well organized and managed. 

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Wedding planners in general are used by couples who work long hours and have little time to manage their wedding. However, now irrespective of whether the couples wore for long hours or not, they are preferring to hire a wedding planner to make their tasks a bit more easier. 

So, why do people need a wedding planner? Here are few roles which a wedding planner performs for you in your wedding.

Source Of Coordination 

Wedding planner is the main source of coordination and organization for your wedding. This is extremely helpful if you are not an organised person or you have a lot of things going on at the same time or if its a wedding in your family and so you don’t have much experience.

Manage Budget and Time

Will keep you on your budget and also on your wedding planning timeline. What total budget is decided for your wedding, and how it has been allocated to different sources like venue, catering, outfits and hair makeup, wedding favors and more will be managed by them perfectly. 

Vendor Recommendations

They have amazing connections with various vendors like venue manager, florists, favors vendors, caterers and more and know whom to call for each little detail. So, they also can help you get the best deal for the same along with great offers and discounts.

Advice On Traditions and Etiquettes

A planner exactly know how the things are supposed to go due to their experience of planning so many weddings. They might also have ideas on how to incorporate traditions and mix up traditions. They can help you with the knowledge of traditions and etiquettes if you want to perform the ceremony keeping in mind all of it then. If not, they can help you brainstorm new traditions or provide Twists in traditions to make it unique for you.

Act As Counsellor

 Can be great for a third party/person advice for some matters related to any part of wedding planning. They can help you with solving little family dramas, friends drama or any drama that comes up. They are really great if you need an excuse to not incorporate something that someone is pushing you to. They can also be your spokesperson to convey your opinions regarding any topic.

Day Of Coordination

The most important role comes on the day of the wedding for a wedding planner. They completely manage your wedding day. You and our family don’t really have to stress out about things and move around for any arrangements. They make sure all your vendors are where and when they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to do. It is their job to handle all the little emergencies that come up and trust me there are a lot, no matter how perfect you are at planning. 

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Hiring a wedding planner definitely has a bunch of advantages but it all depends upon how much budget you have to hire them. If you have the budget then just go ahead. But if you are working on a low budget then I would suggest to at least hire a coordinator on the day of your wedding and not prior. After all, you want relax and enjoy your wedding with your family and friends and want that “Oh! my god, i am getting married” vibes. 

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You will miss your wedding day if you are your own wedding planner or coordinator. So go ahead look out for some great options for planners and coordinators around your city.