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men fall for older women

So why are men interested in older women when they can have any same aged young hot girl? Younger women falling for older men is quite a cliché while the opposite always sounds uncanny. Why though? We are all witness to some of the great marriages where the female partner is older to the male. Whether its Nick Jonas-Priyanka Chopra, Kunal Khemu-Soha Ali Khan or Aishwarya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan. We’ve done some research and got some good reads for you.

Here’s Why We Believe Younger Men Fall For Older Women

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Older women bring a lot to the table, unlike same-aged or younger women who look for support and reliability from the man. Men like that their partner is competent and well-versed with life. She has seen more of the world, has much more to share, even provides insights to new situations. Older women have a handful of experiences to lead a better, stable and content life which facilitates a relationship to grow smoothly in a better direction.

Graceful And Accepting

Older women may not have the perfect body or whatever, it’s the way they carry that body. They possess immense confidence and with grace. Experience has provided these women with the knowledge and power of contentment that younger men want to experience as well. It’s tempting to see a woman who is absolutely accepting of who she is and embraces her true self, not just how she appears.

Open Minded

Psychologically speaking, older women are anything but ‘old’. They are open to new things, trying out different ways of doing things, up for adventures, not scared of doing the uncommon. They grow up with their own minds and they don’t rely on others’ take at life. Which is what makes them driven toward figuring out things on their own. Men may even learn a thing or two from them because of their open-mindedness. There is nothing more attractive than a meaningful conversation.

men fall for older women

Highly Self-Sufficient and Supportive

They know themselves and pay their own bills. Thorough with the logistics of survival, that is, they are well off and established on their own, they only expect an emotional and honest relationship. They don’t need a man’s money. All they want is a man’s love and respect. They can even support their partners financially if need be. This factor removes the burden from the man’s shoulders altogether. Both the partners are able to then focus on the relationship and their desires instead of one depending on the other for everything. They extend a supportive and caretaking hand in the relationship at difficult times.

men fall for older women

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Lone Star

Aged women don’t have a bunch of friends with whom they share and discuss all of their problems and relationship issues. They have tight-kit close friends and don’t indulge much in gossips and taking advise from other people. She decides on her own and let others know what she is going to do. She does not give in to authorities, instead become one for herself. Men are attracted to women who can take a stand and speak for herself even if she has to do it alone.

men fall for older women

Better In Touch With Reality

Since older women are much experienced, they tend to be much more practical and prudent with their lifestyle and decisions. Even if they are dating (and not in a committed relationship), they are well aware that the encounter may not last long and have learned how to handle endings maturely. Drama-free and hassle-free. They are way past the melodrama and communicate better about their needs. Men find it extremely favourable when his woman can speak to him directly about what she wants and what she doesn’t.

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Not An Attention Seeker

Younger men find it extremely attractive that older women are not an attention seeker. They like to have their own space and do the same for men they are with. As no continuous pampering is required to woo them, they step into a more mature phase of the relationship quickly. Men start to behave more maturely with older women and they love it. There are less jealousy, insecurity and effort and make each other feel important by trust, honesty and liberty. Your woman won’t go stalking that girl you were checking out on Instagram. She just might check her out with you and have a laugh about it.

men fall for older women

Love Herself

Woman older to her man does not need any kind of validation from anybody. Yes, she might seek your opinion because it matters but not a validation. She is pretty confident about how she looks and what she does. Unlike younger girls, they barely care about their body shape and size. They focus on the entity that the body carries instead of tangible assets like physical beauty that fades away over time. Men don’t have to go crazy about the over consciousness younger women show. Anyway, men find curvaceous and buxom bodies more alluring.

men fall for older women

Damn Confident

Women in their 30s, 40s or 50s are supremely confident and are less fickle minded. She never constraint herself from trying new things. This feature radiates mysteriously fascinating energy from these women and that’s what attracts younger men. Women at the age know exactly how to enjoy intimacy whether it’s in bed or in their small gestures of affection. Men get to experience the confidence of being fierce and maturity together making the relationship wild and stable.

men fall for older women


Women who have already experienced phases of life much before a younger guy have also acquired power of detachment. Since they are pretty much able to move on from an unhealthy relationship, they value it while they have it by being completely loyal and committed. The inclination is more towards a steady and strong relationship. They will not waste their energy and effort into a relationship that they see is not working out. This makes men feel more responsible for giving in equally on their part.

Love doesn’t asks your age. It asks for mutual respect, companionship and trust. Anyway, no one can ever decide for you, you decide for yourself. And you Always know when its the right person.