10 Soothing Songs For Bride’s Entry – Wedamor

During planning your wedding, you plan the way you and your partner will enter. If you’re the bride, during your entry, all eyes will be on you. So, it is really important that you choose a song for that. There are plenty of songs for bride’s entry available on the Internet. If you’re lucky enough, you might even find some ideas.

To make your selection process easier and hassle-free, we are listing 7 songs for bride’s entry that will make your entry just like a Karan Johar movie:


This is a really beautiful song in which the girl compares herself to Sahiba who is waiting for her Mirza. Be the Sahiba of your story and your husband will be your Mirza.

Din Shagna Da

This is the age-old bride’s song. I still remember watching a video of Anushka Sharma’s wedding ceremony where she entered the mandap when this song was playing in the background. This song will really set the mood for your wedding.

Kabira Encore

If your love story has been like that of a fairy tale, this song will have the perfect words to describe that. Imagine yourself entering the hall with this song playing in the background and your prince charming standing right in front of you.

Navrai Maajhi

Kickstart your entry with this quirky song. Your entry will have a twist and lots of badassery. You can also plan some dance steps with your bridesmaids while walking to the stage.

Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai

Well, this song will set your priorities right in front of your in-laws. You can ask your girl gang to prepare a dance performance so that as you walk the aisle, they can give the effect in the background.

Kaala Chashma

The song is just for you if you wish to make an entry on a bike with your sunglasses on. You’ll be the most badass bride walking down the aisle on this song. You never know, you might end up looking Katrina wargi sohni!

Tune Maari Entry

Let the guests know that your entry might ring a ghanti in your groom’s heart. This, again, is a perfect entry song if your wish to make a statement with your entry. You can plan a slo-mo walk to give the effect.

Afreen Afreen

Mesmerize your guests by entering the hall on this song. In order to add more effect, you can have a spotlight thrown at you and you can ask your bridesmaids to shower flower petals on you at regular intervals.

Lae Dooba

While you walk down the aisle, let your groom know how you’ve drowned deep into his love. This song has the perfect words for your feelings and he’ll surely be smitten by you.


Well, we started the list with a song sung by a girl calling herself Sahiba. Here’s a song where the guy is asking Sahiba to be where Mirza is. When you make an entry on this song, you’ll let your Mirza know that his wait is over and his Sahiba is here.

It has been witnessed ever since forever that as soon as the bride arrives, everyone stops what they’re doing and adores her walking down the aisle. So make your entry so fabulous that the time stands still and it’s worth the watch! Also, check out these evergreen Bollywood songs for your sangeet performance!