10 Super Romantic Honeymoon Ideas That Will Blow Your Partners Romance Radar! – Wedamor

You’ve just wedded, right? So what next? It can’t be less than a romantic escape dubbed honeymoon, obviously the ultimate in romance. You have a duty to make it count. So, you want to get it right, right?

While most destinations are greatly romantic, the Negril in Jamaica takes it a notch higher. Everything from lively pools to romantic guest rooms resides here.

Here is a list of ten most romantic honeymoon ideas that will shake your partner’s romantic fiber.

Plan for a Private Candlelit Dinner

Candle lit dinner appeals to me a lot. I believe your spouse deserves it, no wonder it comes first in my list.

Plan with your private chef about the location, then be left completely alone to enjoy the moment with your partner. Feed each other with their favorite foods and drinks in romantic packed styles.

Unbelievably romantic! Best of all, the idea is not majorly about the location/destination. It’s about the dim candles, delicious meals, and soft flickering drinks. At that moment, be sure to make your life partner feel like nothing else exists until they beg to pay back in kind!

Enjoy a Jacuzzi bath together


Choose a spot with Jacuzzi if you want an absolute bliss. Surround the Jacuzzi with tea light candles and prepare a warm bath for both of you.

As if you are ‘on to your marks get ready”, turn off the lights and place scented candles around the room.

Then enjoy a pleasant dip in the charming, warm Jacuzzi, you and your partner. It’s a perfect moment to spoil your sweetheart with absolute romance.

Pack the Sexy Lingerie

Ensure that you bring new sensual lingerie that your partner has never set eyes on. I usually advise ladies to carry those pieces that make men shiver.

These will spice up things and keep romantic sparks alive, from beginning to the end.

Enjoy Honeymoon Cruises

Look for a spot where you can enjoy a cruise, like Alaska or Jamaica—it’s perfect to start your life in style. And how else apart from a ruthless romantic overflow!

Sailing from a spot to another with your better half is extremely blissful. Make use of honeymoon cruises available in most hotels.

Cruises are so much fun and exciting–they feature swimming pools, work out rooms, and many other things for couples to bring out the romance.

Sing a love poem

Reciting a love poem to your partner is one of the most exciting honeymoon ideas for lovers. I can’t stress this enough.

Recite a love poem to your partner, it will reassure them of your love commitment to them, and how you wish to give it all for their sake.

I mean, you can get creative and with love poems and witness their tears roll down the cheeks—don’t stop reciting at that point!

Merciless blow your partners’ romance radar!

Daily Surprises

One of the best ways to make your honeymoon all about your partner is through daily presents.

Surprise your significant one with a present every day of your honeymoon. Well, don’t think highly of this; what to give, how to present it, etc.

No no, just think of massage oil, a bubble bath, and your favorite bottle of wine.

For instance, what do you think clicks in his mind when you hand him a pack of massage oil! I say, be creative and use your little surprises to trigger romance. Be sure to add zest to your honeymoon and effortlessly bring out the hidden treasures hidden from your partner.

Secluded Mountain Cabins

Just like myself, I think you too enjoy to go camping or having a stay in a cabin. If romance is anything you want to go for during your honeymoon, then this is a clear fit for you.

Imagine the feel of completely being secluded in a cozy, left to be two, you and your new spouse– room maids away, just the two lovebirds. What absolute romantic bliss!

Watch the Sunset



Before you end your honeymoon, be sure to watch the sunset as a couple. The amazing array of colors, the warmth, and feel of winding up the day with nature’s view.

Google for places that offer an amazing setting for honeymooners to watch sunsets, those which are proved to be able to squeeze out romantic juices.

Don’t miss a Couples Massage

Nowadays, it’s commonly practiced by the top spas to incorporate incredible amenities like romantic suites for two, whirlpools, couple massage, and hot springs. Get to select a few spots that can offer you an invigorating massage treatment.

Try adventures you never thought of

Here, I am talking of crazy extreme adventures that may quickly put your adrenalin on rush mode.

I mean, try the things you’d never do, like staying in a ski-lodge, going ice-diving or storm chasing intake the most difficult treks! If you love adventure, then this might be your idea of fun and romance.