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The Passa or the Jhoomer was the key component of Indian and Pakistani brides throughout the world. “Passa” is an Urdu word meaning “one side.” This Mughal piece of jewelry is no longer solely for the Muslim brides but is also a popular item that has reached all religions.

It is generally pinned to the left side of the head but obviously the way you pin it can be changed according to the trend. Indian brides usually wear a passa with a maang tikka. Passas can now be paired with various bridal outfits and are ideal for a sangeet or Mehndi.

So, we have made a list of 12 passa designs that you can wear as a bride.

1. Pearl Passa

Express the elegance of a traditional Mughal bride with a passa that has pearl strands connected to complex gold and green beads. Pair this adorned wonder with a matching ‘satlada haar’ (seven-strand necklace) for the extra royal feel and a lovely bridal ensemble dupatta.


2. Crystal Passa

Trends come and go, but crystals will always be a gem. Crystals as jewelry are stunning and trendy. No wonder that crystal passas look unique, attractive and versatile, with all hairstyles and outfits. If you want something non-flashy yet heavy, then you can choose a delicate crystal passa.


3. Mauve Passa

This mauve passa is our favorite in this list because it’s very colorful. It perfectly complements the outfit of the bride with parted, open hair and matching necklace. It is a perfect set of jewelry for your sangeet ceremony.


4. Floral Passa

Such passes are suitable for wearing in the night or in the sangeet ceremony. The flowers look amazing with a light and flowy dress, and the passa will certainly stand out.


5. Pink Stone Passa

Nothing is better than this if you are in search of a lively and perfect pass for your Mehendi ceremony. This lovely passa with pearl strings and pink embedded stones can be a good option.


6. Elaborate Passa

An elaborate passa is heavy yet attractive. Although it makes a statement, it certainly doesn’t overpower the look. The heavy passa can be paired with a small maang tikka.


7. Ghungroo Passa

Trendy and versatile, the brides often wear ghungroo passa and the style is here to stay. The iconic ghungroo passa is magnificent and will attract all of the attention.


8. Bronze Color Passa

This passa serves to remind you of the wedding day of your grandmother. It’s the bronze color that will look perfect for your wedding day with a golden outfit.


9. Minimalistic Passa

This delicate and minimalist gold string pass is just the type every bride would like to wear on her Mehendi.


10. Gold Passa

Needless to say, the simple gold passa is one of the most attractive styles for a girl’s wedding day look. Golden side teeka (another term for passa) is probably the most elegant and versatile item included in a bride’s jewelry set. It might be the most popular yet aesthetic design of the passa.


11. Mesh Passa

This intricate passa with white pearls and mesh pattern glorifies the beauty of this bride. You can wear it for the perfect royal look with a side-parted bun.


12. Triangular Shaped Passa

A heavy emerald passa with small white, triangular strings is the perfect royal piece for the future bride. You can wear it with a matching necklace with the corresponding earrings that will make you more pretty.


These were our top 12 passa designs that stole our hearts away. If you have some exceptional designs to add that we have missed, please tell us in the comment section below!