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Unique Ways To Use Flowers For A Summer Wedding

Summer Weddings can get a bit tiring due to the heat in the atmosphere but keeping aside that factor summer wedding means vibrant colors, floral outfits and fresh flowers everywhere. Now, we all know how Indian weddings are incomplete without flowers whether using it as decor or for showering some petals on bride and groom […]

Unique Mangalsutra Designs Every Bride Must Take Inspiration From!

The term “Mangalsutra” comes from joining two words, “Mangal + Sutra” meaning an “auspicious thread.” It is of a greater significance for married women because it is symbolic of marital status. Usually, a mangalsutra is made up by stringing nine black beads and nine gold beads. It is an ornament which the groom puts around […]

Top 5 Cities In India For Bridal Shopping – Wedamor

Getting married? Worried about shopping? Then there is nothing to worry!! Weddings are indeed a great affair in India. This day marks the togetherness of not only two people but two families as well. Everone has dreamt and made plans about their wedding day. The whole family is involved in this and infact they have […]

The Ultimate Chandni Chowk Wedding Shopping Guide – Wedamor

Wedding shopping is a process that is complex and requires a lot of energy, commitment, and focus. We know just how difficult it can be to do all the work on your own, particularly with all the available options. Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is a popular shopping destination, which attracts bridal parties from all […]

Significance Of Solaah Shringaar – Wedamor

Solaah Shringaar refers to the 16 items that are worn by the bride after her wedding. It is compulsory for every bride to wear these ornaments. These items are of great significance and are the sign of a married woman. Plus, these ornaments helps the bride to look even prettier than usual. The girls often […]

New Ways To Wear Floral Jewellery For Every Bride-To-Be

Stylish floral jewellery for Mehendi or sangeet is the much ongoing trend opted by quite a few brides, the previous year. But no doubt that this trend will continue for quite some time now. Floral jewellery looks appealing and now is also available to match your outfit making the bride-to-be look “awwdorable”. From tiaras to […]

Jewelry Brands That Can Give Your Perfect Earrings – Wedamor

In times like these, it is really important to find the right set of jewelry to wear with your dress, lehenga or sari. Otherwise, won’t it look dull when you upload it on Instagram! I mean, one can totally rock the look with their designer lehenga or gown but the jewelry just adds the sparkle […]

Clever Bridal Nath Hacks For Stylish Brides – Wedamor

Out of all the gems pieces, if there’s a decoration that in a flash elevates the marriage look, it is none other than a ‘Nath’. An insignificant band locked around the nose highlights a lady of the hour’s facial highlights and carries an unmissable persona to the general look. Inferable from this appealing appeal that […]

Best Places To Buy Or Rent Artificial Jewellery In Delhi – Wedamor

Delhi is known for its vibrant bridal shopping avenues –from the markets of Delhi streets that sell everything a bride would need, from the embroidered cut pieces, bangles to the bindis, jewellery, accessories and much more. Brides from across the country and aboard travel to Delhi especially to shop for their wedding look. So, here […]

Beautiful Engagement Ring Designs for 2020 Brides! – Wedamor

The engagement ring is supposed to be worn on the left ring finger as this finger has a vein named Vena Amoris, which means a “vein of love,” which goes right into the heart, and so it must be very unique and elegant to have a ring connecting to the heart. However, finding the best […]

Bangles: An Integral Part Of The New Bride – Wedamor

Bangles have been of the utmost importance for any woman since historic times. It is an integral part of her solaah shringaar. Every bride is required to put bangles on both of her hands after the marriage. It has become a ritual now. There are different types of bangle in different states of India. Every […]

All the Wedding Exhibitions You Need To Know – Wedamor

Indian weddings are indeed getting bigger and fatter. Better living conditions are the biggest reason for making them larger than they have ever been. Bridal shopping is the most exciting part of the process of wedding planning. These days, wedding shows have become equally important to the exclusive curation of designers and jewelers. 1. The […]

Accessories That Make Us Fall In Love With Marathi Brides

Each culture has its own way of dressing and styling. Just as we can easily recognise a bengali or a sikh bride because of their signature looks,  Marathi brides too boast of a distinctive traditional splendor that makes them stand apart of the rest. One look at a bride, one can easily figure out whether […]

Bridal Appeal. – Wedamor

Bridal Appeal- Everything that a bride wants. Wedding is a special day, especially for a girl. A girls plans her wedding right from the beginning of her childhood. It is indeed an auspicious day for her and her entire family. The bride makes sure that her each and every need is fulfilled on that day. […]

12 Bridal Passas You’ll Love! – Wedamor

The Passa or the Jhoomer was the key component of Indian and Pakistani brides throughout the world. “Passa” is an Urdu word meaning “one side.” This Mughal piece of jewelry is no longer solely for the Muslim brides but is also a popular item that has reached all religions. It is generally pinned to the […]

10 Instagram accounts to follow for Wedding Inspiration

Instagram is the ultimate platform to get ideas and inspiration because that is one of the social media platforms where you have been saving posts to recreate those ideas for your wedding. Also, social media, particularly, Instagram has the advantage of easy use and access. Still not stumbled upon such accounts? No worries, these are […]

8 Major Bride Jewellery & Significance for the ‘Marathi Mulgi’

The prosperous Nauvari saree, the crescent moon adorning the brow and the dainty mundavlya are simply some bits that make up the lovely Marathi bride. 8 Major Bride Jewellery & Significance for the ‘Marathi Mulgi’ is a huge section of the appear and here’s a small sneak peek into it. Your big day is drawing […]