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Amidst all the frenzy over Mehndi planning from decor to dressing, you often forget what the ceremony is actually about, applying Mehndi. You probably know of the traditional Mehndi patterns, but there is a whole new range of trends with brides including baaraat scenes and wedding hashtags into the design. Here, we have brought you a wide range of design from the most traditional to modern trends.

With Baraat Scenes

One of the most elaborate designs which can be done for your Mehndi are the detailed Baraat scenes. It looks quite spectacular how the detailing is included in each of the figures, and the entire design makes for lovely pictures. 


Minimalistic Designs

If you are not a fan of sitting still for hours while Mehndi is being applied, then you can always choose a simple design. The pattern here though looks quite beautiful on the hand. 

latest bridal mehandi design for the bride who loves minimal


Floral Designs

Florals are a common standard and the go-to option when it comes to Mehndi designs. With florals, you can make it as straightforward or as complicated as you like. The design can be tweaked and teased to suit your needs. The semicircular floral patters on the bride here look beautiful. 


Minimalistic Buttis

Another trend that is doing the rounds now is having two halves of the design on your two hands. An excellent choice for this is the minimal, butti pattern which is a muted alternative to Arabic designs. 

simple mehndi design- butti design ideas for bridal mehndi


Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic designs usually use leaf and flower motifs and have considerable spacing between designs. Many brides are now choosing this over the traditional Indian Mehndi patterns. The unique feature is that different patterns are separated by a grid which makes the result look symmetrical and clean.


Imprint Your Wedding Vows

You can include your wedding vows in English or any other language of your choice. The vows can be written on your palm, but this means that you will not be able to have many patterns. So the better idea is to write them on your wrist. 

Mehandi Design Images- Adding wedding vows to the bridal mehandi


With Lotus Motifs

The lotus motif surrounded by simple circular patterns looks quite sophisticated. 

mehndi design 2018- Lotus motif mehndi design


Rose Mehndi Designs

This bride sports an alluring combination of small roses and a large mandala pattern. 

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With Asymmetrical Patterns

This one is for all the brides who are looking for an elaborate pattern. The asymmetric pattern here has all your usual designs and motifs, be it leaves and lotuses it vine designs. The designs on each finger are different, and the two hands are entirely different from each other. It is suitable for both wedding and engagement ceremony and will go with heavy traditional outfits or even heavy suits and salwar kameezes. 

bridal heena pattern


With Negative Spacing

Less is more, and that is the concept behind the negative spacing Mehndi patterns that is doing the rounds now. 

Mandala Inspired Designs

The Mandala is basically a circular shaped geometric design. There are several concentric circles in the centre surrounding which symmetrical patterns are drawn. 

17 beautiful henna designs – Struggling Soul


Mesh Mehndi Designs

The mesh design is back in vogue with new motifs and designs being included within the jaali. 

Ambi Motif Design

The Ambi or mango motif has inspired various bridal mehndi designs. The pattern can be easily extended up to your full arms and legs. The pattern usually follows drawing the same pattern for both hands. 

Full Hand Mehndi Henna Design All New Design


Work out what designs you want well ahead of time so that there is no confusion on the day of the event. We hope that we have given you some great ideas. Let us know your favourites in the comments.