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Gowns are no longer exclusive to church weddings. Leading designers have made indo-western gowns very popular with their elegant and innovative designs. More and more brides are opting for gowns for their engagement and reception parties. We have here for you some great option from which you can draw inspiration.

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In Shimmering Gold

Metallic gowns are making a comeback and why not, if the designs are going to look as splendid as this? This bride looked like a diva in this metallic gold creation from Manish Malhotra for her engagement party. 


This Unique, OTT Gown

Gowns give you a lot of space to play around with silhouettes and experiment with something very new. This gown from Gaurav Gupta is stunning. Be it the one-shoulder design, the ruffled bottom or the cut at the waist, and we are absolutely in love with it. 

With A Swirling Bottom

The swirling designs on the bottom give off an ethereal charm. Combined with the bodycon fit and sheer sleeves, we are finding it hard to take our eyes off this outfit. 


With Zigzag Patterns

This would have been a basic ball gown if now for the asymmetric zigzag patterns in silver. With an elaborate gown such as this, you need only minimal jewellery. A simple chain and matching earrings will suffice, and that is exactly what the bride has done here. 


Bright Red Ruffled Gown

Red and black is a timeless combination for the bride and groom. You can twist things up a bit and wear red for one of your pre or post-wedding events. The ruffle details along the length of the gown make it look quite dramatic. 

Red Bridal ball gown


Anita Dongre Peacock Motif Gown

If you are looking for something traditional, then this gown from Anita Dongre is an excellent option. The deep V-neck amps up the glamour quotient and can be styled with a statement choker. 


With Fringe & Feather Details

Fringe and feather details immediately give a bohemian charm to the outfit. A gown like this is a great idea for a night event. 


A Disney Princess Gown

A glimmering gown such as this in colours like gold or powder blue gives off strong Disney princess vibes. You can up the glam quotient with criss-cross straps at the back like in the one shown in the picture below. 


With A Long Trail

One of the things that we love about gowns is the long train. They can be made as long and elaborate as you like. If you did not get to have a train on your wedding day because of wearing a lehenga, then you can bring that vision to life by opting for a gown with a long train on your reception night. 


With Elaborate Thread Work

Gowns with intricate embroidery work such as this look very Indian and can be styled with traditional Indian jewellery. 



This Off-Shoulder Beauty In Blue

Midnight blue is one of our favourite colour choices for night events. Combined with an off-shoulder design and a sapphire necklace, the bride looks stunning. 



With An Ombre Effect

Shyamal & Bhumika have several designs in the same pattern, and you can browse for more colour options on their page. We love the ombre effect and the threadwork on the gown. 

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While choosing a gown, opt for something that will compliment your body shape. Another thing to consider is the weather of the place where the event is being held. For example, do not go for a strapless gown if it is wintertime. 

Having said that, we hope that we have given you some great ideas. Let us know your favourites in the comments.