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How to plan a perfect sangeet?

The weddings are all about the pheres, varmalas, decoration and the food. But, how many of you really paid attention to the enjoyment associated with the Sangeet function? I think, it the one of the most difficult task of planning the entire wedding. Though this is a cliché function where all the family members of the groom as well as the bride’s side dance their hearts out giving a rise to a competition. Yet it is the toughest job to decide the theme for the Sangeet without lettind your other guests to be bored.

Avoid Overthinking
Don’t think it as a competition. Think it as an opportunity to celebrate with your friends and families. Take the advice of everyone about how would they like the sangeet to happen. As nowadays there is nothing like ladies sangeet. The entire family is present on the occasion. The theme of the sangeet should be the one which entertains everyone present over there.

Tips and Tricks:
So here are some tips on how to plan your Sangeet night:
1. Choose a theme: The first and the foremost thing to do is to choose the best and the most suited theme. It can be anything that you admire. Generally, in Indian weddings, people choose the Bollywood theme as everyone is acquanted by it. This is the theme which is enjoyed by the people of all age groups.

2. Make your playlist: Choose your songs or rather assign the songs to all your relatives who will be dancing on the stage. Get your playlist of songs ready before the sangeet night in a sequential order so you don’t have to panic. Give your playlist to the DJ or whoever handling the music system.

3. Proper lightings: Make sure you talk about the lightings to your venue vendor. Lightings play a vital role in making your program succesful. It gives feel and emotions to your performance.

4. Rehearse: Practice! Practice! And Practice! You all must have heard the phrase “Practice makes a man perfect”. It is true. Everyone should practice their performance before hand to avoid any hassles during the event. Inform everyone about the order of performance and provide every details.

5. Ordering props: Make a list of all the props you need in your performance. They play a very important role in enhancing your performance. You need to order them before hand to avoid any problems on the last minute.

6. Choreographer: For those who want to appoint choreographer, should appoint them almosy before two weeks of the event. We don’t know about how much practice every individual needs but according to me, two weeks is sufficient for a non dancer to perform.

The other aspects like your sangeet outfits, photographer, catering, guest list and most importantly budget, will always be there. They should all go hand in hand to make your sangeet event the best for you as well as your guests.
So let the music play, and all the jijas and saalis slay!!