7 Trending and Stylish Ways to Drape Dupatta on your Wedding – Wedamor

The beauty of a traditional Indian garment lies in its flexibility. If it’s a saree or your most precious lehenga, you can drape them up to make your personal fashion statement in so many different styles. Brides have been wearing their dupatta in a similar way for quite a long time. They used to drape the dupatta in one way and that continued for years but we’ve seen a shift in the way brides drape their dupatta with trends changing each day.

1. The Double Dupatta Style


The style of double dupatta is a very common and royal way of draping the bridal dupatta with the lehenga. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, India’s ace designer, launched the double dupatta trend and we’re gagging over this trend.

By using two dupattas, one for draping and the other for covering your hair will make you look like a royal bride. To stand out as a bride you should play with the colours, designs, and fabrics of your two dupattas. Moreover, Also, always use the longer one to cover the head and the shorter one to cover the drape while going for the double dupatta type.

2. Gujrati Style


Gujarati’s style of wearing a dupatta is truly lovely. Take a net, sheer or tissue dupatta that suits and drape your wedding outfit in a Gujarati saree style. A retro-style bun is a perfect way to create the incredible wedding appeal you want to make.

3. Single Dupatta Draped like a Saree


If you don’t want those luscious locks on your wedding day, this style should fit. Sarees are the hallmark of Indian wear. It will make you look elegant and make your wedding day look special. 

To create the look, use your bridal dupatta, which could also be the dupatta of your lehenga. Tuck one corner of your dupatta gently on one side of the lehenga, and drape the other half as a saree. Sleek, minimal jewellery with this dress will look magnificent!

4. Single Shoulder Fall Style


This is a very simple and casual way to drape a dupatta. If you love flaunting your dupatta and feel confident holding it in one hand like a saree, this style will be better suited for you or if you wear a lehenga that has heavy embroidery work on it then use this dupatta style to display your lehenga. This single shoulder dupatta style will help you deal with heavy designer lehengas falls like a pro.

5. Jacket Style


This draping style is to add a new and fresh look for a bridal dupatta. Cape dresses and designs are in vogue and it is one of the most common for the brides and if you can’t get the one for you, this is a simple way to build the look. It gives the outfit a fully modern appeal, you can pin the dupatta on your shoulders for easy movement.

6. The Belt Style


This style is suitable for designs with fairly light bridal dupatta, and when you want to draw people’s attention to your blouse. Belts are perfect designer cloth pieces which help to keep the dupatta in place. You don’t have to worry if the dupatta’s dropping off the shoulder or not. A sleek and contrasting coloured belt gives a chic look to the outfit. 

7. Centre Veil Style


This style is enjoyable, flowing and the Indian brides admire it the most. Just pin your dupatta beautifully in the centre of your head and let it flow down your back effortlessly. But avoid using a heavy dupatta with this style. Fine tulles, very lightweight chiffons, and georgettes are the best fabrics for this style.

The use of various dupatta drapings will give your traditional attire a modern but unique twist. The Indian bridal dupatta setting styles mentioned above are in trend and will make your outfit truly special. It’s time to accept the new and get away with the old. So, pick your favourite look and let us know in the comments section below.