9 Accessories Every Groom Should Give A Try – Wedamor

Doesn’t it look royal when a groom dons some jewelry! It’s not like accessories are a thing only for women. Men like to accessorize as well. Jewelry on men not only looks exquisite but breathtaking as well. Their embellishments are a lot different than ours. If you get to see some mind-blowing jewelry on a groom, it will look incredible.

We’re listing some groom accessories that you need to have on your checklist:

Sarpech on Safa or Pagdi

The concept of sarpech has been adapted from the Sikh kings. A sarpech is a brooch attached to the safa or pagdi. You can also play with your safa or pagdi by draping it with a different colored dupatta or by draping it differently.


We all know that a sehra is a must for the groom in Indian weddings. You can always decorate it creatively. To innovate it, you can put Mogra flowers in the veil or make the veil of beads.


The accessory that brings the true royal look for the groom is a necklace. It is completely up to you if you wish to wear a diamond one, a pearl necklace or a Kundan beads necklace. You can checkout Voylla’s groom necklace collection.

Stole or Dupatta

Stoles and dupattas have been in trend for the grooms since forever. They bring the regal look to your sherwani. It is always advised to choose a stole or dupatta which is in contrast with your sherwani.


Brooch is an accessory which is generally pinned to the coat with a hinged pin and catch. It can be worn on formal suits as well as on sherwanis. If you are planning to wear it in a formal suit, you can go for a lapel pin. For sherwanis, chain brooches, tassel brooches, and flower brooches are in the trend.

Pocket Square

A pocket square is the most underrated yet the most elegant accessory for the grooms. It is a handkerchief placed in the front pocket of your coat or sherwani stylishly. It brings the indo-western look to your sherwani. Again, always choose a contrasting color for your pocket square so that it doesn’t hide in the complete attire. You can also try using a multicolored handkerchief or a patterned handkerchief.


Watches bring a basic sense of utility as they’re important for any attire. Any man’s formal look is incomplete without a watch. It is really important to choose the right watch for the attire as not every watch will go with the look. To bring the twist to the look, you can also go for a pocket watch.


A Kamar band is a stole tied around the waist. It has been adopted from the kings as they used to wear it while carrying swords. You can always get a bedazzled Kamar band for yourself.

Bow Ties

I feel that bow ties should be a must for the groom’s attire for the wedding reception. Nothing looks classier than a man in a tuxedo-wearing a bow tie. You can always go for patterned bow ties or satin bow ties.

You can try out these accessories and plan out your wedding attire accordingly. Rock that desi look with a twist! You can also go through these tips and tricks to plan a perfect wedding.