A Guide To Cocktail Party – Wedamor

In recent times cocktail parties have become a huge hit. This is because couples like to follow recent trends. And cocktail parties are one of the most viral trends. Cocktail party refers to throwing a fun-filled party with lots of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Along with that, it includes dancing on the discotheque and celebrating the new journey of life. So here are a few things and tips you need to keep in mind while planning a cocktail party:


Choose a date that goes with all your other events. Make sure the party doesn’t clash with other events and doesn’t make the whole thing chaotic.


Selecting the venue is the most important thing. It is a tough choice to make – indoors or outdoors. Indoor venues include hotel banquet, ballroom or it can even be your home. Outdoor places include a poolside, backyard, or a lawn party. Choosing a venue entirely depends on the season in which you are organizing your wedding and the destination of your wedding. Also, you need to keep in mind the weather conditions.



It is always difficult to prepare the guestlist for the cocktail party. There are many things you need to consider. Whether to involve relatives or to keep it just for friends or keep it for both or just friends and close family or do we have to invite work friends. Make sure you prepare the guest list beforehand and avoid the chaos that follows. 



The invites can be related to the theme of the party and give the vibes of the party. Don’t make the invite chaotic and keep it simple. There are many sites which help you to design the invite for the cocktail party. You can also ask your wedding card designer to design your cocktail party invite. You can either have a separate invite or include it in the wedding invitation itself. 




Choosing the correct theme for the party is very important. It can be based on both of your favorite movies or web series, retro-themed, masquerade party, a pool party, formal or informal, warm, and cozy. The theme can be all unique and different and personal at the same time.    



Choose the menu wisely. Make sure you consider both veg and non-veg options, also the food should go with the drinks. Keep the food light, and a full course meal is not necessary.


Keep both cocktails and mocktails for the party. Now you need to decide whether you want a full-bar or drink menu. In the full-bar, the guests can decide what they want to drink and the bartender is there to serve them. While with the drink menu, you already have the drinks and the guests have to decide anything from it. Also, you need to prepare the drinks menu beforehand. 



The entertainment for the cocktail party is quite easy, there are millions of games to entertain the guests. Like beer pong, never have I ever, spin the bottle, beer chess, drunk trivia, drunk spelling bee, try not to laugh, name that tune, 2 lies 1 truth, charades, and shoe game. Everything will be more fun when people are drunk. 



You need to ensure that the staff which you have hired to manage the party is capable enough to handle all the problems. Only then you can enjoy the party without any stress. So keep these few tips in the mind and you are ready to go for a cocktail party:

  • Keep a buffer day after the party, to get rid of the hangover.
  • Hire a DJ.
  • Keep extra napkins and tissues.
  • Keep dustbins at as many places as possible. 
  • Stock up ice.
  • Make sure to thank everyone that helped you throw the party.