Essential Elements That are Part of a Bengali Groom’s Wedding Attire

bengali groom

The Bengalis celebrate their wedding with full energy like every other celebration or festival. The customs of the wedding though extremely basic and conventional is also the reason to bring out the dancer, singer, designer, et al in you. A Bengali lady appears as the genuine image of magnificence. The wedding dress of a Bengali bride is exceptionally appealing and looks fabulous in its conventional wedding trousseau. It is usually a red or maroon benarasi saree which is famous is Bengal due to its heaviness and intricate embroidery work of gold, both adding to the magnificence of the saree. A Bengali marriage is not only a show of extravagance and magnificence, it is also a place to stay rooted to tradition shown by the way in which people remain true to custom. The way in which both families’ ensemble their outfits also have a lot to say about them in terms of impressions made to other guests. The same goes for wedding venues, care taken over food, seating, and décor.

This is a common belief that a bride wishes to stand out amongst the crowd and look best at her wedding. For ages, grooms have been paying no regard to their wedding dress, and that is true for any culture. While the bride may spend months looking for the perfect wedding dress that suits her skin tone, her personality, makes her look good in the light, rather the spotlight, the groom would probably leave it for the last week or leave it to his mother and sister, or even a close friend to get him his outfit. Be that as it may, when the wedding approaches, even the groom starts to pay a little more attention to his wardrobe. The men of the hour are cognizant about their looks and dressing, sometimes regardless of what the event is.

bengali groom


 It is not just the bride-to-be who cares about her fashion, their grooms have joined the game. Nowadays, grooms to put in a lot of effort into their looks and also put in a lot of thought into what they will wear on the D-day. Bengali weddings are rich with culture and celebrated with great pomp. The bride and groom dress up in wedding outfits that are intricately-designed and look absolutely stunning. The traditional wedding attire of a Bengali groom is simple yet elegant.

Elements in the Wedding Attire of a Bengali Groom

Here are the essential elements that are a part of a Bengali groom’s wedding attire:


This is one of the most traditional elements of a groom’s outfit in a Bengali wedding. The Bengali groom dresses himself in a silk dhoti which is white or cream on colour. Some grooms also wear dhotis made of cotton. While the customary colours for dhotis are hues of white, many modern Bengali grooms opt to wear them in other colours, depending on their personal style and taste. For example, some grooms may be seen in a red dhoti, paired with a white or off-white Punjabi. The dhoti is usually plain with some gold embroidery in the border. The border made with the embroidery is not too broad which keeps the look simple.

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The dhoti is paired with a Punjabi. This piece of clothing is traditionally made of silk and is covered with rich and intricate embroidery. Whether it be in a plain monotone of gold or in colours, the designs are elegant and beautiful. Punjabis can be found in different colours and designs. The heavy embroidery and silk fabric give this element of a Bengali groom’s traditional wedding attire a grand look.

bengali groom


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This is a traditional headgear made of paper and shoal, and is also known as cork tree. This cone-shaped hat is white in colour and is considered to be an auspicious element of the groom’s attire. The topor comes in different designs. These designs, made out of shoal and are intricately designed by craftsmen in the state. It usually comes in a pair, with a shoal tiara for the bride.


Source: Bridal Box


This is a drape made of silk that a Bengali groom has to wear during the actual wedding rituals. This is usually white, off-white or cream in colour with a thin golden line to add to the plain cloth. During the ceremony, the groom sits bare-chested with the jor hung over his left shoulder.



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