Shahid Mira Pics Which Proves They Are Bollywood Sweetest Couple

Best of Shahid-Mira Pics

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

It is true that the Best of Shahid Mira Pics would have been etched in your heart especially if you are an ardent follower of one of these gorgeous B-town couples. Being groundbreakingly in love with each other as a hot and happening married couple, Shahid and Mira quite frequently share most of their pictures on social media. It is nothing less than a visual treat for their fans and admirers. The Best of Shahid Mira Pics bear testimony to the fact that love can continue to bloom even after marriage and two people can make this journey very special for each other with lots and lots of love and attachment.

Below are the Best of Shahid Mira Pics that will instantly make you fall in love with this adorable couple:

If you take a moment to check out the Instagram handles of Shahid and Mira, you will see a plethora of cute and adorable pictures that will instantly make you go “aww”.

1) Shahid Wooing Mira

From the marriage ceremony

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

Shahid-Mira’s arranged marriage turning into love is a story that every Bollywood follower out there is aware of. Taken during one of their marriage ceremonies in 2015, this picture speaks volume about the chemistry that they both share. This picture shows Shahid trying to woo his wife, Mira as one of his prized possessions. His romantic way of proposing the wife is definitely something that makes this picture worthwhile and certainly qualifies it as the Best of Shahid Mira Pics. We are sure that even Shahid and Mira must have given a special place to this picture in their hearts, reflecting on the memories of their special day.

2) Shahid’s Pre-Birthday Bash

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

This picture forming a vital part of the Best of Shahid Mira Pics canon shows them as out and out adorable and much talked about couple of B-town. Clicked during Shahid’s Pre-Birthday bash last year, a beautiful looking wife Mira Rajput, glowing in a lovely, beige dress certainly complements the unavoidable charm of the hunk husband, Shahid who looks so much in love with his gorgeous wifey. In addition, this picture certainly makes us think that together they can beat ’em all.

3) Yes, Never Grow Up

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

Well, the cutest and the latest in the compendium of the Best of Shahid Mira Pics, this adorable “Never Grow Up” picture of the two is surely giving us some serious couple goals. Everything about this picture is just perfect and beautiful- Shahid and Mira crazy in love, the cozy pillow with a sensible and adorable tagline and of course, the black and white filter. Mira Rajput Kapoor’s Instagram has seen a high number of likes and comments, admiring the couple on this picture.

4) Koffee With Shahid and Mira

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

Forming a vital part of the Best of Shahid Mira Pics, this picture of Shahid and Mira from an episode of Koffee with Karan, Season 5  is surely giving us some major husband-wife goals. The couple is known for their PDA which they unhesitatingly exhibited openly even on this show while talking about how they first met with Mira stressing on the fact that Shahid is a “natural kisser.” If you haven’t watched their episode, I am sure that you would do so after looking at this picture.

5) Twinning all the Way

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

Shahid-Mira twinning all the way in monochrome is certainly the cutest thing to be seen. Both of them have a superb, individual style of their own, yet the duo took this opportunity to flaunt their love by opting for similar and striking black outfits, thereby peaking the ante. They had been styled by Anish Jain, a renowned celebrity fashion stylist. The chic look in combination with Dapper diaries has certainly bagged this pic a special place in the Best of Shahid Mira Pics.

6) Hand-in-hand, Always

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

It’s been a pretty long time, yet somehow we can’t just stop obsessing over the evening we saw the first glimpse of Shahid-Mira’s love during their wedding reception in Mumbai. The love they bear for each other, the secret in their eyes, walking hand in hand in front of so many Tinsel Town guests out there at the party only made us swoon. For a moment, we cannot help but believe what they say about the “Marriages made in Heaven.

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7) Sharing the Glamour

Best of Shahid Mira Pics

While it is a known fact that Mira Rajput Kapoor is certainly an outsider when it comes to Bollywood, yet she never misses an opportunity to support and be by her hubby’s side whenever a glamorous occasion is on its way. She surely complements Shahid with her presence, be it an award ceremony or a birthday party. Surely, this couple goes hand-in-hand and we are too happy to see them in such a blissful state.

While marriages are made in heaven (as they say), it is couples like Shahid-Mira who every day make us believe more and more in this notion. We have only put a few or the Best of Shahid Mira Pics here for you to understand the chemistry that this real-life couple shares. But the love which they bear for each other is so deep that no amount of pictures would be able to flash it all. Speaking of that, it surely makes us fall in love with this couple whenever we see them together.