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Honeymoon Period is extremely exciting and intimate. It is the first official trip of the couple as husband and wife. A lot of people would agree that it was the best time of their lives and it was extremely romantic.
It may be true but consequently, as the saying goes, “There may be petals on the bed, but not everything will be coming up roses,” by Amy Levin-Epstein. 
There are some things that plenty of people don’t tell you about how honeymoons actually are, so how can you be prepared? This article serves as a guide as to what to expect on honeymoons. Additionally, it also lets you know the things no one tells you about the honeymoon.

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Opening up takes time

If your marriage is an arranged one, this is especially for you. Opening up and being vocal about things will take some time. Be patient during the trip and let your spouse have their space to open up. Let them have a clear communication pattern so that you both are comfortable. Moreover, this will help in getting to know one another. 

It could be a little awkward at the start but once things start to move, there will surely be some progress, slowly. This is where you would get familiarized with the habits and behavior of your significant other. 

You will take time to warm up to the location

The wedding planning and the wedding will surely drain you. This is why the honeymoon period is utilized to relax and unwind. The part to understand here is that packing for it, traveling, reaching the destination, unpacking, and adapting to the timezones (if you are having your honeymoon in a foreign place) will most definitely tire you out.

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It is necessary to take breaks and plan your honeymoon in such a way that is is calm and relaxed. Go with the flow and be considerate of your well being and push the exuberant activities for the mid/ end of your trip. 

You & your partner will be closer than before

Your honeymoon will be the first trip you and your partner take as a married couple. It is obvious that this trip will be extremely memorable and will be the reason for the strength of your bond. After marriage, the feeling of Mr. & Mrs. will bring out and highlight different parts of you. The excitement and the thrill of being with each other will be the drive of this trip. 

Moreover, you will be sharing old memories, creating new ones, and hopefully documenting it so years on, you can rewatch your happy times! You will have so many moments that you would often find yourself recalling and it will help your relationship. Additionally, it is a trip truly worth taking for the priceless moments and unmatched experience.

It won’t always be romantic

For obvious reasons, moods change, situations change and stuff happens. Just like that, your trip might not always be romantic but there will be little parts of everything that you can treasure and keep safe. Moreover, during such times, your understanding of one other might be tested and surely you will come through!

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Be patient during these times and remember to give your partner some space and moments of encouragement as well! 

Mishaps might occur

You must be prepared for unexpected—and unwelcome—events. Various mishaps may occur that might threaten the flow of your wedding. Sickness, cancellations, and more! You must be prepared for these and have a backup plan as well so that under any circumstances, you are ready! Packing a few Imodium and Advil in your suitcase just in case (it’ll be way cheaper than buying it there) would serve to be extremely beneficial.

According to Murphy’s law “Anything that can go wrong is likely to go wrong when you least want it to.” The best thing you can do is to ensure that you learn to roll with the punches as it is still your trip! Keep some room for unexpected situations and tackle them as they come!