Creative Ideas For Wedding Entertainment – Wedamor

Indian weddings are fun because of vivid rituals and traditions. Along with that, it becomes fun because of the guests that attend your wedding. It is your responsibility to entertain your guests. Because they are taking out time to bless the new couple. Therefore, here are a few ways in which you can keep your guests entertained during the wedding ceremony.


The easiest way to entertain the guests is through games and what better than “The Shoe Game”. Let the bridesmaids or the groomsmen decide the questions and discover who is most likely to do that thing. This will in one way or the other help the couple to answer their unanswered questions like who is better cook to who dances better. The couple can also play “THIS OR THAT”. Here they have to choose from tea or coffee to laundry or dishes to mountains or beaches to book or movie – it can be anything. These games just make the wedding more fun, lightening the moods, and breaking the ice. 



This is a very interesting game for the guests to engage in. Here, the guests are given the bingo placards where they have to find someone who matches the clues and cross out the boxes. The first one to get a bingo wins. The clues might include finding a person who is left-handed or is engaged or has 3 or more children or is a business owner. This will help in breaking the ice between the guests.




While you have a professional photographer capturing you, you can also have the guests be photographers for the day. Give them the disposable cameras, they are free to capture anything they want to – from the skylines to the wedding decor, from a smiling random person to the bride or groom. Let them return the cameras at the end of the day. While they had a fun time capturing everything, you will have some memories that you might have missed. 



This is where find the guest bingo and disposable cameras are merged. The guests have to use their disposable cameras and hunt for the pictures to be found. Shoot and capture the moments that might have been missed! From the best-dressed guest to people laughing, everything, and anything. This will keep the guests entertained while you might get some unforgettable memories to look back to. 



You can keep a desk with a scrapbook and a polaroid camera, ask the guests to snap their picture and write something for the bride and groom. Any advice for the married life to good wishes – anything they want the couple to know. This will help the couple in the future and gain the blessings of each guest. And this might be like a time capsule to look back to. 



This is where you keep props and other decor items for the guests so that they can click an infinite amount of pictures and videos. It might be for the couple or how are they feeling or any emotions they want to share. And this might be one of the best wedding entertainments to date. 



This is kind of a box or a time capsule for the couple. The guests are requested to keep a note for the couple that they open on their first anniversary. The note might be a piece of advice or blessings or something funny or some memories or anything they want to let the couple know. It might be fun to open the capsule after one year of the D-day.