Creative Wedding Card Ideas! – Wedamor

Wedding cards or invitations are the first things that showcase the excitement of the wedding. In earlier times, wedding cards used to be simple and contain all the information about the rituals of the wedding. But the time has turned now. Wedding cards depict the vibe of the bride and the groom. Therefore, it is essential to make your wedding card quirky.

Here is a list of some creative wedding card ideas that you can incorporate while designing your invitation:

Wedding theme based

One of the best ways to design your wedding card is to reveal your wedding theme through it. The color combination or the design of your card should depict what the theme of the wedding is going to be. For instance, if your wedding has a cherry blossom theme then the colors of your wedding card should be pink, white, purple and some gold to enhance these colors.


The Hidden Treasure 

Wedding cards with flaps in them are like the hidden treasure. The guests have to go through all the decorative flaps to get information about the wedding. It is one of the recent trends to have wedding cards with flaps. From simple flaps to decorative flaps you have a lot to choose from. You can also have customized flaps which would give the invitation a personal touch.


Pretty Pop-Ups

Another creative and eye-catching idea to design your wedding card is to use pop-ups. Pop-ups are some elements that are above the main surface of the invitation. Therefore, it is one of the eye-catching elements of the card. Make sure you don’t design a wedding card that has more than one or at max two pop-ups. If you choose such a design or design it yourself, it will just look messy and the purpose of the pop-ups will be terminated.


Doodled Wedding Cards

In the times of digital art, doodled wedding cards the most attractive form of sending invites. You can have doodles of your love story or the way you met. Also, you can portray the information in the form of doodles. To make it more attractive and trendy you can have your and your partner’s caricature doodled on the cover page. Along with that you can add some quirky and hilarious texts. This wedding card will be on the list of most funny wedding cards.  


Hand Painted 

If you are a painter or you know someone who can paint then hand-painted wedding cards are just right for you. They seem more personalized and showcase the love between the painter and paints. Also, it is very eye-pleasing and you can have it customized as you want.

Vintage or Rustic Cards

Do you remember the starting of the movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’? The movie starts with a beautiful wedding song and the opening scene shows the wedding card of Aditi. Yes, that wedding card is directly picked from the vintage or rustic theme. The card has colors like bronze, copper, gold, and silver. The metallic colors can be incorporated in the card. The card is simple yet it looks so elegant. If you are a minimalistic couple then vintage and rustic wedding cards are for you.


Eco-Friendly Invites

When the world is suffering from global warming even a small step is considered to be in the direction of improvement. You can send out eco-friendly invites to promote the concept of sustainable development. Eco friendly invites use plantable paper which once used can be used to turn that into a beautiful plant. This option is slightly expensive than the rest of the options but it is worth the money spent.


Other Creative Designs

These creative wedding card designs include the use of modern art and floral designs. Another new concept that has come up in the market is the laser cut designs.



These designs are aesthetic and provide a clean finish to the wedding card.