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Indian Weddings are like Indian Movies, they are full of drama, action, romance, tears, songs, dance, and Comedy. And wherever there is a comedy, there will be comic characters, and in this article, we are listing down some comic, funny characters in Indian weddings and no doubt they make the wedding as fun as they seem to be.

Funny Characters in an Indian Wedding

1. I Hate Everything Uncle

funny characters in Indian weddings

 He would be sitting in a corner sulking all by himself about everything, from how bad the food is to how the colors of brides shoes and lipstick don’t match. He’ll literally complain about everything, even his contemporary from the other side. He might also be the most sarcastic one around and hanging around him might actually be quite entertaining. 

2. Overly Fashionable 

funny characters in Indian weddings


It’s their first major wedding and just having attained adolescence, they are eager to show off. Hence starts the pursuit of Idiotic hairstyle, overly inlaid clothes along with excessive accessories it’ll make you wonder, are you in a marriage or in an online RPG. Everything which they’ll be wearing is branded and they take great care to make sure that everyone else knows that too. Add that to an unhealthy use of Deodorants and clichéd behavior, they are quite entertaining.

3. Excessively Dramatic Aunty

funny characters in Indian weddings

She is ready to burst up into tears at any given moment irrespective of the condition. She’ll cry while greeting relatives, she’ll cry while people would be getting ready. She’ll cry through the entire ceremony and still be able to miraculously muster up tears during Vidayi, Hats off.

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4. Sharif Friends of Groom

funny characters in Indian weddings

These so-called best friends of grooms are easily one of the best actors around, they’ll be as Sanskari as they can be when any elderly is around, but their real intent is to flirt excessively with any girl apart from the bride and groom’s sister is always in play. Watching these hopeless romantics at work is a funny and entertaining experience.

5. The Drunk Dancer

funny characters in Indian weddings

Every family has these mildly alcoholic Uncle who’ll get drunk at such occasions and they will dance in the funniest way possible, and also make others dance. They’ll remember all the steps possible, from Nagin to Kite Flying. God forbid you to put on any Punjabi Song, you’ll see the inner Punjabi in them arise along with the Bollywood-inspired Bhangra. But maintain a safe distance, their intensity while dancing can be injurious to your health and physical well-being which makes them one the funny characters in Indian weddings.

6. The Chirping Bridesmaid
funny characters in Indian weddings

Imagine a place full of Barbies, all talking about fashion and hairstyle and all these things that girls talk about, in their high pitched chirpy voice. Add that to randomly laughing at lamest jokes, and gawping in unison while putting on makeup or seeing some new jewelry. They are quite an entertaining bunch.

That’s our pick for the funniest characters in the crowd. If you want to add some more funny characters in Indian weddings which you might have seen, feel free to share it in the comments section.