mehendi ceremony interesting

Indian Wedding is known for ceremonies galore. You have functions like Mehendi, Engagement, Tilak, Reception. But what’s the common thing between all those functions that compel people to attend your ceremonies? Well, it’s the entertainment factor. When it comes to Mehendi, it becomes important to make your Mehendi ceremony interesting so that the guests don’t feel like they wasted their time attending the boring ceremony.

One loves to attend the ceremonies because it is fun and interesting apart from the fact that one gets the opportunity to wear brand new clothes.

Here are the 7 Ways to Make Your Mehendi Ceremony Interesting

Mehendi may be a small function but you should not leave any stone unturned to make it a memorable. Let us tell you about some ways to make your Mehendi ceremony interesting and your guests enjoy the ceremony to the fullest.

Make Eating Fun

We know that one of the incentives for the guests in the Mehendi ceremony is food. So, make them eat food but in a fun way. Hold a Gol Gappa eating or sweet-eating competition, which the guests will definitely love. This will make your Mehendi ceremony interesting undoubtedly.

mehendi ceremony interesting

Surprise Dance

Dance is common but prepare a surprise dance for the bride. It will blow her mind. You may choose a theme like Disney or Bollywood which will make your mehendi ceremony interesting.

Another thing that you may try is flashmob. It requires preparation to the core and space of course. It is amazing if you execute it well enough.

mehendi ceremony interesting

Dumb Charade

Who doesn’t know about Dumb Charade? It’s so engaging as well as enjoyable. Divide the guests into groups and make sure you select a mix of old and new movies as there will be guests of all age. Guessing the name of the movie right will not be less than an achievement for the guests.

mehendi ceremony interesting

Rapid Fire

You may choose Rapid Fire as one of the games that will entertain the guests to the core. Ask 2-3 questions to the members of the family randomly. The questions should be related to the bride, her favorite things, how she met the groom and some amusing ones.

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Give Some Marriage Advice

This becomes a memory later for sure when you see the wishes or the advice of the guests for you. There can either be a marriage tree to write the advice/wish on or a piece of paper. Ask the guests to write the advice/wish on the piece of paper and put it in a box.

mehendi ceremony interesting


Award Time

Make your mehendi ceremony interesting by giving some titles to the members of the family and the closed ones. You can also ask others to guess whom the titles belong to.

This is so entertaining, believe me! It is so delightful to see for the guests. The titles like Drama Queen of the family, Most likely to be married next, The fashionista, Cutest smile, Biggest Poser etc. will make other laugh as well.

mehendi ceremony interesting


The slideshow is a great way to show the bride her whole life story, including some part from her love life too. You will have to collect the bride’s pictures showcasing the best of her times, her achievements, memories from her childhood.

This will be an emotional plus priceless gift for the bride.

mehendi ceremony interesting

Don’t say ‘Enjoy yourself’ to your guests, rather take care of the entertainment factor when holding a wedding ceremony and the guests will enjoy themselves. Mehendi is the┬ástarter function in the list of your wedding ceremonies. So, put your best foot forward to make it entertaining, fun and memorable for the bride and the guests too.

If you found the article helpful, give you suggestions in the comments section below and let us know which one you liked the most for making your Mehendi, a function full of entertainment.