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With your best friend’s wedding around the corner, comes the great responsibility of planning the perfect bachelorette party. After all, who doesn’t need another reason to party? And the to-be bride could really use a night with her besties, partying and catching up like old times. If you’re the maid of honour, it comes down to be your duty to plan out the most fun party for your bestie who’s gonna be single for a little while more now.

But planning an unforgettable night, not to forget, one last night of being single, can be challenging, and the jam packed bride in the middle of all the wedding preparations needs some whole lot of organizing and communication.

Keep reading to understand the basic rules to throw the perfect bachelorette party:

1) Start early

First things first, hosting the bachelorette at least two weeks before the big day is suggested. Why? Cos if you set up the date anytime close to the big day, the bride is going to be more anxious and nervous with the entire stress load of the wedding rather than relaxing and drinking the wine away like a baby. Plus, if there’s alcohol (sure is), the bride can’t afford hangovers the next day because, duh.

Bachelorette party

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2) Let the bride do the guest list

It’s better to let the bride decide who she wants to be around on her legendary night unless she asks otherwise. If the party is supposed to be a surprise, be clever and bring up random conversations so she could slip you details about the people she likes best and invite them.

3) The Bride shall get what she wants

Coming to the venue, think about the bride’s personality and what she would like to be doing on the party. Does she love crazy Karaoke parties? Or a vanilla outing in a posh restaurant? Or maybe the typical bachelorette involving a fountain of margaritas with phallic-shaped straws? For her to have an unforgettable single night with the girls, she needs what she loves.

4) The budget

It’s really important that everyone should be satisfied with the amount they’re contributing to the party. Include costs of the entire event and the bride’s portion too. The budget decides the venue and how much to spend on decorations so this is one of the first things you and the other girls need to plan out.

Bachelorette party

5) Theme

Once the budget and venue have been decided upon, why not go ahead and add a theme to the party? Sure, it would cost a little more on the decoration part but then again, it would look hella cool.

6) Control on the social updates

Before partying the night away, establish some ground rules about what can/cannot be posted online. Maybe the bride won’t be comfortable with her picture of taking straight shots being uploaded on Facebook for her family and her ‘new family’ to see.

7) You can definitely skip the basics

If the typical idea of a bachelorette involving a bunch of girls in a bar wooing over vodka shots doesn’t impress you and most importantly, the bride, you can abandon that plan for a whole lot of different ones: how about getting a crazy fabulous hotel room with a private pool for the night sound like? How about even a camping trip? Or a bonfire night with munchies? Hell, even a slumber party like old times sounds good.  Here is your chance to be creative and give your best friend the ideal night before her wedding!

Bachelorette party

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8) Calm self at all times

Most importantly, don’t fret or be nervous whether or not things will go as smoothly as planned, or your best friend who’s getting married will have the time of her life or not; the bigger picture says that it’s all about having fun with the girls, cherishing these moments, and raising the biggest glass of wine to the bride-to-be and believing in her. With this in mind, go ahead and plan the legit awesome bachelorette party that your best friend very well deserves!

Bachelorette party

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In the end, it’s all about having a joyous evening with the ones that are close to the bride’s heart rather than mindless efforts to making the bachelorette party wild and insane. To drinking, chatting and karaoke-ing the night away! Cheers!



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