simple feet mehendi design

You must have felt if you ever tried to wear Mehendi on your feet that it is a tough nut to crack. You will be able to adorn your hands with mehendi  in half the time you take to adorn your feet with Mehendi.  We understand your pain. So, we would not like to worsen the situation for you by telling you to try the most beautiful or the latest Mehendi designs in the first go itself. It hardly makes sense. First, start with these simple feet mehendi designs that will help you master the art of basic feet Mehendi and then go for the complex designs.

simple feet mehendi design


Here Are The Simple Feet Mehendi Designs You Can Opt For Wedding Functions:

Are you ready ladies to learn the simple feet Mehendi designs  you can opt for Wedding Functions? Time to explore!

Charkha Design

Charkha design might seem complicated in the first glance but as they say looks are deceptive aptly fits here. It looks intricate because of florals, motifs,dots used in between the charkha.

This is an easy design which looks extremely graceful.

Simple feet mehendi designs


Arabic Mehendi Design

Arabic Mehendi originated in Arabian country but is popular in Asian counties like India, Pakistan too. Women love flauntic the beautiful arabic design mehendi which looks so ravishing ion feet. The bold shades make the designs sharp and clear.

Feet Mehendi Designs


Floral Pattern Design

Florals can never be outmoded, whether you talk about clothes or Mehendi design. The floral pattern Mehendi design on feet makes the feet oh so divine, There is no specific flower that you have to stick to. Choose as per your practice like rose is too complex for beginners, so its better to avoid it at initial stage.

Simple Feet Mehendi Designs


The spiral design

This is the perfect example of beauty and simplicity. Spirals are very easy to construct for Feet Mehendi designs. Spirals when adorned with the spikes and bold shades look stunning and modern too. This simple feet mehendi design will make others go wow.


Mango Mehendi design

All of us have drawn mango in our childhood days, right? This is the same mango but with intricate details. Opting for a simple mango mehendi design on your feet will let your feet breathe as it will look neat. Mango Mehendi design looks simple but imparts beautiful touch to your feet.

simple feet mehendi design


Jewellery Mehendi design

Women love jewellery undoubtedly but sometimes jewelleries are so heavy that it irritates you. Try this jewellery design mehendi where the mehendi will act as your anklets, and sometimes rings too.This is an artistic piece of mehendi design.

simple feet mehendi designs


Leaf+Flower Mehendi Design

You must be thinking like who does’t know this one? Well, yes. Leaf and flower is a common design which we all have seen but without this design, Mehendi looks incomplete no matter how interesting it is. This is a fundamental design that everyone should know how to construct.

simple feet mehendi designSource

When we think of adorning our feet on wedding, the first thing that comes in our minds in Mehendi. If you want to master the art of Mehendi, start with these designs and the complex mehendi designs will follow. To cut the long story short, Don’t just try your hand on the complex mehendi designs if you are a beginner. Go step by step and remember slow and steady wins the race.

If you found the article helpful, give your suggestions in the comments section below and let us know your favorite feet Mehendi design which you are going to try next time.