Things To discuss With Your Partner Before Getting Married – Wedamor

Marriage is a wonderful journey of two people who have decided to stand by each other no matter what. It is not just a path of roses. With each passing day you will learn something new about your partner. And not only that there will be problems which will need your attention. The key to being on the same page regarding any problem is communication. Until you don’t speak to your partner the problem is not going to get solved. So by this we know that maintaining a marriage is going to be difficult.

To ease your difficulty, you need to get some clarity on various things of life before getting married. Being on the same page is going to help you find solutions to your problems easily. Therefore, here are some matters which you should discuss before taking the big step.

Mental Stability

You and your partner need to make sure that you are not deciding to get married in a hurry. It is very important to be in the right headspace for both of you to get married. Even if one is not mentally ready to get married, try and understand the problem.

Because, no one more than you are capable of understanding your partner better.


Financial Stability

Make sure both of your financial goals are in sync. This is because money can complicate relationships. In today’s era both the partners would be working. Therefore, it is very much necessary to understand each other’s financial goals. You both need to discuss the expenses, income, and investments. Even if one of you decides to be a homemaker still, discussing the finances remains a priority.



One of the major milestones of marriage is having kids. Children are proof of your true love. To have kids or not to have kids is completely a couple’s choice. Therefore, you have to discuss this with your partner. You need to be on the same page regarding kids. Because your entire future decisions will be depending on this.


Medical History

You both are going to spend your entire life together. Therefore, it becomes very much necessary to tell your partner about your medical history. So, in case there is an emergency your partner is well prepared. And also knows how to take care of you in such situations.

Future Goals

Every person has some goals which she/he wants to accomplish in their life. Getting married doesn’t mean you have to compromise on that goal. So have an open-hearted discussion about your dreams and ambitions with your partner. This will help you to gain support from your partner.

Understanding each other’s family

In India, marriage is not only a union of two people but also a union of two families. Understanding each other’s family is very important in a marriage. For every individual, the family is the utmost priority. Therefore it is very much necessary to get along with your partner’s family.


Household Responsibility

It is not easy to run a house. Especially, when both the partners are working. Household responsibility is not only the job of a woman to do all the household chores. This modern time requires sharing responsibility whether it’s outside work or household chores.


Personal Space

Today, the world is running at full speed. Everyone wants to achieve their dreams and goals. In this journey of achievement there might be a lot of stress and anxiety involved. Therefore it is vital to understand each other’s comfort zones. Respecting each other’s personal space makes your bond stronger. There will be times when you can’t do anything about your partner’s problem. At that moment it is important to give your partner the personal space she/he desires.


But above all understanding, each other is the basics of a relationship. There will be times when you won’t find the solution on the spot. But prior clarity on topics will help you to understand your partner’s thoughts. And this will ultimately help to come on common ground and find the solution to the problem.