Top 5 Vidaai Songs For Indian Brides – Wedamor

It is indeed very tough for girls to leave their houses after marriage but they do it gracefully. No one can ever imagine the pain of the parents who give away their daughters to another home. This moment in the entire ceremony is the most painful one especially for the bride’s side of the family. It involves sentimental conversations, drama, and emotions. To give the perfect feel to this atmosphere, a perfect song is required that will enlighten the entire mood.

Here is a list of some Bollywood songs that truly depict the emotions and feelings of a bride at the time of her departure.

1. Dilbaro

Dilbaro song from the superhit movie “Raazi”. This is my personal favorite song. This song depicts the feelings of a bride that is telling her father that I will always remain your princess and that I shall not look back and cry. It is a super hit song and it will be cherished for years to come.

2. Baabul

The title song of the movie “Baabul” is the most emotional song that beautifully defines the relationship of a father and daughter. This song clearly depicts the emotions and blessings of a father for his daughter. He is saying that he will be sad when she goes but he will bear this for the sake of her happiness. An emotional song that can make anyone cry.

3. Jana hai tujhko piya ke angina

A beautiful yet soothing song from the movie “Mere Baap Pehle Aap”. This song is for the bride who is just going to get ready for the biggest day of her life and have to go to her husband’s home now. It is a refreshing song and can make everyone happy about the occasion.

4. Sajan Ke Ghar Jana Hai

The superhit song from the movie “Lajja”. This is for the rocking and goofy brides who are extremely happy about their weddings. This song depicts the urge of the bride of going to her husband’s home. Though, she is a little sad but is excited too. This song is a number and is still on the charts of any Indian wedding playlist.

5. Sada Chidiya Da Chamba

This song is a Punjabi song sung by Pakistani singer Shazia Manzoor. This song is really a touchy song that clearly expresses the feeling of a daughter and her parents giving her blessings. The tune is very emotional. Definitely, a must-have a song in the playlist.

So, these were the top 5 songs that are my personal favorites too. For a kickass vidaai playlist, these songs are surely on the top.