Top Five Indian Wedding Blogs To Take Inspiration From!

Given how the situation is right now, everyone is sitting home and is quarantined. We are just getting bored and waiting eagerly for this situation to settle down. Since, currently, everything has come to a halt due to the pandemic, weddings have also been either canceled or postponed. 

Till the time everything gets normal, why not sit home and take this time as an opportunity to do something useful. For those who are waiting for their weddings to take place later in this year or directly next year now these are top five Indian wedding blogs to take inspiration from. 


Thanks to the internet, we are blessed to take inspiration just tapping on our phone, sitting at home. Take a look at these blogs.

The Maharani Diaries

The Maharani Diaries was created to inspire and connect brides to the finest service providers in the industry. The term “Maharani” is the Sanskrit title given to an Indian princess but it also represents a regal bride on her wedding day. Their main motto is to make you embrace the inner Maharani in you. Their blogs feature about wedding planning and inspiration, fashion, wedding directory, vendors, wedding gallery, and interviews with clients and some guests. If you are an Indian getting married in Australia, The Maharani Diaries will surely help you through a big fat wedding abroad!


Maharani Weddings

They claim to give every bride a fairytale wedding of her dream and we couldn’t agree more. Maharani Weddings has one of the coolest and most personalized blogs. There will be blogs on real weddings, film blogs, magazines, vendor guide, and a lot more. From event planners to photographers, DJs, florists, cinematographers, makeup artists, mehndi artists, you name it and you’ll find connections to every resource you could ever need for all your wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Again, if you’re an NRI getting married abroad, this could be your go-to blog.


Wedding Magazine

This is a perfect Indian wedding blog where again you would find tons of inspiration on wedding planning off course, dresses and style, honeymoon, and vendor contacts. Another very special section in this blog is “Rituals” which as the name suggests has a collection of wedding blogs on the diverse Indian wedding rituals. It’s nice to see somebody still focusing on traditional rituals in this modern world. From wedding inspiration from celebs to how to pick your vendors Wedding Magazine will give all the advice you need for a perfect wedding! 


Madrasi Bride

Don’t go by its name, although they are specialized in South Indian weddings, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of rare and different topics they cover in their blogs. Madrasi Bride has in an unique way divided its website into two parts, one being the wedding tools ( as they say ) they provide which are the services and second is the “wedding stories” which includes blogs. hey cover a broader range of topics and do not limit themselves to weddings. Although covering wedding trends and planning advice is still their focus, they also give relationship advice in some articles. They cover a broad range of topics from why use wedding hashtags to how fighting before marriage is good. 


Wedding Sutra

This is another great blog to follow for some Indian wedding inspiration. Apart from wedding planning inspiration, they also write on celebrity news and weddings- including each and every detail from their outfits to the cake that was being cut at the wedding. They also have blogs about real-life couple’s wedding and give some great tips and tricks from it giving a reality check. Weddingsutra’s blog Love without Border: Megan and Jess talk about and lesbian marriage and we think it is a great way to inspire people and make them aware that LGBTQ also has the right to marry and are as normal as anyone else. 


Here are the top 5 blogs to swear on for wedding inspiration and ideas also with some creative twists in tradition ideas.