Travel Hacks You Must Follow to Make Your Journey Memorable –

travel hacks

Quite often the most unpleasant point of travel is long and excruciating or fast and unproductive preparation. In order not to forget anything and not to take anything extra on your trip, you need to prepare a list of things in advance. We have prepared some travel hacks for you.

Smartest Travel Hacks You Should Follow: 


1) Scan or just take a photo of your passport and driver’s license or other important documents. If in any case, you lost your passport, you will be able to quickly prove your identity to the police.

2) It is better to carry a copy of your documents in an unknown city and lock its originals in a safe of a hotel.

3) Take a screenshot of the routes of different places (how to get to your hotel, find a museum, etc.). It is always better to have a route handy all the time so that you don’t have to depend on the Internet.


1) The main rule here among the travel hacks: Everything heavy should be put down.

2) Don’t take the whole wardrobe with you. Take easily combined clothes.

3) Even if you are a very big fashionista, don’t put a lot of jeans or dresses into your suitcase. It is better to take more accessories that occupy a bit of space and help to re-play the same outfit in a new way.

4) We advise you to roll clothes into tubes. There are two benefits of this technique, first, doing so you will save a lot of space. Second, you will not have the rumpled clothes.

5) Shoes may weigh a lot and take a lot of space in a bag or a suitcase. So it is better to take only one pair of shoes that could be used with almost any clothes. For example, sneakers or ballet shoes.

6) Take a pillow, earplugs and a mask for your eyes so that noise and light can’t disturb you.

7) Attach a tag having your contact number and email address to your luggage in case the suitcase gets lost.

Personal Hygiene Items

1) Don’t take shower gel, shampoo, sunscreen, etc. You can purchase it on the spot.

2) Buy toothpaste in a small tube.

3) Take shampoo and a soap from the hotel – generally, they are miniature and may come in handy while travelling or on your next trip.


1) A mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a camera – all these gadgets have to be charged. Imagine that you come to Eastern Europe to meet local girls. As an element of flirting, you’ll want to take a photo with one of them. It will be unpleasant if you won’t be able to do this because of low battery.

2) Never put your mobile phone in your suitcase! If a flight is delayed or you lose your suitcase, you will be left without connection.

3) Change the mode of your smartphone and tablet to Airplane mode. If you don’t need a constant mobile communication in the journey, then use Airplane mode and use normal mode only when you need to call or be online.

4) An old case for glasses will serve as an excellent container for any cables.

5) Take an adapter with you (it is perfect if it is suitable for several devices). If you travel abroad, we advise you to check in advance whether you need adapters for your devices.

6) If you are not a fan of reading on the road, take care of films, serials, games and music in advance. It should be enough for long flights, night travels on buses and train delays.

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Leave a little space in your suitcase for a case if you buy some souvenirs. You will not have to throw away some of your personal belongings or pay for overweight at the airport.


Don’t forget to make sure that you have small local money, not just $100 bills. It may be difficult to change.

The golden rule of a traveller

If you are going on a short trip, try to take a hand luggage only, if it is possible. Doing so you can immediately leave the airport after passport control, and don’t have to spend an extra hour to get your suitcases. And also you will not lose your luggage.

From top to toe

Check whether you took everything. Try to imagine yourself from top to toe. You won’t forget anything while doing so.

We hope these travel hacks will help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Happy travelling.