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I think a wedding is the only time when we get to get ready according to our wishes and that’s the time where you can show off your skills, dresses. There are people with different style and different nature not everybody likes the same type of makeup. Some like little touches of makeup and while some like bold makeup which suits their personality.

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Makeup For the Bridesmaids

For me, if you are bridesmaid or sisters you could go for makeup with foundation, concealer, mascara or kajal whatever suits you with some eyeliner and with light colour lipstick which makes you look complete. Putting heavy makeup may also make you look bad so choose according to your choice. 

Mother of the Groom/ Bride Makeup

For brides mother or groom mother, the makeup should be little heavy as you can also go for dark colour lipstick. With a slight makeup which makes you look young and attractive at the same time. 

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Truly speaking I am not a beautician or know many things about makeup I just know how to presentable in a wedding usually my kind of makeup is putting face serum, foundation, kajal and nude shade lip colour and there I am ready. Also with me comes the problem of skin allergies so rather I can’t really go for heavy makeup but whatever you put just remember that doesn’t make you look bad and your makeup should match your attire.

If you are wearing a light colour dress then putting a little heavy of makeup with dark shade lip colour will complete your styling and make you look perfect and same goes with dark colour dress put light makeup with a slightly brighter lip colour. 

 According to me the most confusing part of the makeup is choosing a lip colour. If ever you get confused then just go pink because pink is a colour in which you could get every type of shade you want. 

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The worst part of makeup is if you do less you won’t look good and also you do more then also you won’t look good. I can here only suggest that choose makeup according to your skin type if you are of darker shade you could go for some brighter products if ou is of medium skin tone you can use which can enhance your beauty and if you are of fair skin tone use Light makeup with bright shade lip colour.

Whatever you use just remember don’t use too much because it may make you look indecent. If you use a little bit of makeup that would be just enough for you to look presentable.