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Trending Outfits For The Sister Of The Bride – Wedamor

Bride-to-be ‘s sister is the third most important individual in the wedding as all eyes move on to sisters after staring at the bride & groom. They are the ones who set the wedding mood in real terms. All eyes are on her as at the wedding she will get the most limelight. So, it’s her day to look as beautiful as she can be. Confused about what to wear that looks beautiful, which doesn’t necessarily overshadow the bride? Here are a few beautiful wardrobe ideas for the bride’s sister.

1. Floor Length Anarkali Gowns

Traditional Anarkalis are an incredible success at weddings, but you are the sister of the bride, so consider anarkalis with floor-length that looks really good and is easy to pull off. It is a classic yet old style. So if you’re the type that loves traditional fashion, there’s no better option there. Whether your floor length anarkali gown is heavily embellished or embroidered, you can avoid the dupatta for a wedding dress that is free of fuss. You can comfortably wear outfit for either a day event or a sangeet night dance party, depending on the color, fabric and the amount of bling you select.



2. Asymmetrical Sheer Cape With Lehenga

Capes are everywhere and there is one trend that refuses to go away. Sheer capes look elegant and feminine making it a good choice of dress for the sister of a bride. You may wear this cape in different ways. From off shoulders to sheer waist-down capes you have plenty of choices to go for. Choose which looks better on you, based on your style. Sheer long capes mean no dupatta hassles and you can fulfill all of your sister of the bride duties effortlessly in absolute comfort. For the sangeet-mehendi function, you can easily wear one of those cape inspired lehengas. For the sangeet-mehendi function, you can easily wear one of those cape inspired lehengas. When you opt for a heavy look,  you may wear this style during the pheras.



3. Classic Silk Saree

A silk saree rarely goes out of style and what could be cooler than a silk saree when it’s a wedding! If you’re elder sister of the bride, it’s the best thing to carry because it’s also going to personify your sophistication and show your beauty. 



4. Kurta With Dhoti Pants

For quite a few years now, middle slit kurtas have been in the trend scene. Pairing it with a dhoti pant gives an ethnic twist. The fall of the kurta creates the illusion of a gown on both sides.


5. Cold Shoulder Blouse And Skirt

In designer dresses, we saw a lot of cold shoulders and they even made their appearance in the wedding world. To give it a gown-like feel, combine a cold shoulder blouse with a high waistline skirt. This is the dream wedding dress in a chic wedding set up for the younger sister of the bride. 



6. Pastel Colored Lehenga

When it comes to wedding wear, Pastel colored lehenga has taken the center stage. Stop choosing shades from the reds, pinks and oranges families so you don’t overshadow your bride. Alternatively, opt for English colors that include turquoise blue, orange , yellow, lavender and more to look like the most beautiful bridesmaid ever. 


7. Gowns

Gowns tend to be a favorite. From the blingy ones that over-the-top, to those with loads of ruffles, off-shoulder gowns, gowns with net details- the choices are infinite. Go in for a royal blue gown for evening parties. 


You can finish the look with bold, metallic eye shadow, nude lips, and minimal accessories.