Why Is It Important To Be Friends Before A Couple? – Wedamor

It is said that friendship is the foundation of any relationship. And when that relationship is a romantic one, friendship is the key supporter. It is said that friendship is the secret if you want a long-lasting relationship. So here are some reasons why you need to be best friends before you become a couple.

Partner in Crime

When you are best friends you discover a whole new side of your partner. This side is the absolute truth and without any filter. You discover your partner in crime. Whenever you want to have any fun or adventure you can rely on your partner.


Better Communication and Understanding

When you are friends before being a couple, communication becomes easier. You can share anything and everything without any fear of being judged. Your partner not only listens but also understands your problem. Even if your partner can’t provide a solution, she/he will be your support and strength in the situation of difficulty.


Discover new things 

When you are best friends with your partner, there is no fear of sharing any thoughts. And when there is no fear, you discover new things about your partner every day. Though these things might be small it will provide you with a new perspective to see your partner.


Easy to open up

When you are best friends before being a couple, you have that surety that your partner won’t judge you. Because she/he is aware of your past and accepts you the way you are.she/he knows how you are at the present. And will always support the future you. Therefore, there is no fear of judgment and because of that you can easily open with your partner. You would want to share everything with your partner whether it is good or bad. This will also ensure that the relationship is honest. And an honest relationship does last forever.

No Formalities

The best thing about being best friends results in lesser drama because you don’t have to follow any formalities. Though you are accountable for your actions, there is less formality. Friendship is one such relation which accepts just the way you are. This is one of the most real relationships you can have apart from the bond that you have with your parents.


Past Doesn’t Matter

Your every little secret is safe with your best friend. The unwanted drama of teenage, lost path in the career and everything else which has made you the person you are today. Your partner knows everything from your past. And still, she/he wants to be with you. Therefore, when you are friends your partner’s past doesn’t matter to you. All that matters she/he is right here with you and will be there for you in the future.

No Shocks

As you are friends and your best friend knows everything about you. So there will be a little shock in the future. You know every little detail about each other. This makes you comfortable around your partner. And you are not afraid to show your real side to her/him. What is more beautiful than someone knowing your real side and accepting that side without changing you.


As you know any beautiful relation is started by knowing each other. Instead of directly jumping into a relationship or deciding to get married you should start by building a friendship first. This will help you to maintain relations with your partner and instigate the feeling of belonging towards him/her. Friendship is that bond that does not expect anything in return. Even if you sometimes fail in showing your effort, your best friend will understand your situation and be there for you.