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royal palace wedding

We would have started dreaming about the day of our wedding even before we choose our life partners, and that dream is heightened with every marriage we attend, every grandiose wedding we watch in movies and with every beautiful wedding ensemble we see. The ideal, dream wedding for everyone is a huge palace with lighting effects covering its tomb, the lawns adorned with colourful lights and backdrops and impeccable never-seen-before interior decorations. Here are some cool things about having a royal palace wedding.

royal palace wedding

People Can’t Stop Talking About it

People will still talk about your wedding long after your wedding is over. They would gossip all about the majestic palace in which your wedding took place. Whenever your name crops up in a conversation, they would immediately talk about the impressive things from your wedding. What is more needed than the compliments of people about the magnificent wedding that you had?

royal palace wedding

Memories Preserved Beautifully

When you have a royal palace wedding, the photos and videos from the wedding would be so irresistibly beautiful that when you look back at the photos after some years, you would feel nothing but content and pure happiness. The majestic palace with the crafty decorations will imprint some memorable pictures to be cherished forever.

royal palace weddingStunning Wedding Attires

Wedding attires are as important as the choice of the location itself. To match the exquisite wedding you have, your wedding attires have to be equally stunning, that the people who see you at the wedding will feel like a prince and a princess are getting married!

royal palace wedding

Mouth-watering Varieties of Food

The impressive part about any wedding is food. The vast assortment of food in a wedding is one of the main things that every guest eagerly looks forward to. From the regional Indian cuisines to Continental to Chinese with the artistic vegetable carvings, the tasty ranges of food is something that will be hard to resist and forget.

royal palace wedding

Your Marriage is a Festival to All

The guests in your marriage will never feel bored. Because of the grandeur wedding, they are in, their spirits will lift up and they would feel like they are also a part of a huge celebration.

royal palace wedding

All the Dancing

When people get into the excited mode, there is no stopping them! With the right music, people will start to groove to the happy songs and soon enough, from a six-year-old to an eighty-year-old, everybody will be enjoying themselves. Your wedding will turn into a party for all, with the to-be-married couples (that’s you!) as the centre of attraction!

royal palace wedding

Lots of Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

The fun of the ‘Haldi’ ceremony, the entertainment from the ‘Sangeet’ ceremony, the artistic ‘Mehendi’ ceremony, and the glorious Engagement ceremony would cheer everyone up and makes everyone look forward with elation to the weddingNot only is your wedding grand, it is preceded by a number of pre-wedding ceremonies which will look like a marvellous ceremony in itself.

royal palace wedding

The Exemplary Wedding Decorations

A ‘royal palace wedding’ is not ‘royal’ without the ravishing decorations that are the life of a wedding. The decorations are an important part of the wedding to give that awe factor. The decorations can be trendy according to the season of the wedding that imparts a new and refreshing feel to the palace.

royal palace wedding 

Invite Anyone and Everyone

The biggest dilemma is to decide the wedding list, to see who to compromise on. But, in a royal palace wedding, you don’t need to be stingy on your guests’ list. You can even invite the remotely connected family member and that old friend your mother once met in the market. No drops and no compromises in the guests’ list are needed.

royal palace wedding

Decorated in Invaluable Jewellery

To add glamour and gorgeousness to the beautiful bride, she is adorned in precious, elegant jewellery that shines and sparkles to give an extra glow to her. The trendy jewellery will be ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ and, taken as a model for the future brides.

royal palace wedding


One word, ‘gifts’, is enough to bring a joy in everyone’s face! It is a big happiness to go through all the gifts and to soak in the merriment of it. In a royal palace wedding, the range of gifts will be in a match with the grand celebration, and it is always a welcoming delight when we get gifts in large proportions.

royal palace wedding

The Wedding Will Look Like a Shot From a Movie Set

Our ideal, dream wedding is something like the weddings from the sets of a Karan Johar movie. What is more similar than a royal palace wedding to satisfy our greatest desire in life!

royal palace wedding

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Famous Performers on Stage

Famous singers, dancers or other performers, you could have them all! The entertainment provided by them will be nothing short of an authentic Bollywood performance. The celebrities will add a special lining to the beautiful wedding.

royal palace wedding

Return Gifts Will Become a Rage

Return gifts that you give back to the guests will be something unique and will remind them of your wedding. The return gifts will be so worthy and impressive that your return gifts can become a new rage!

royal palace wedding

Set Your Own Trends

When you have a royal palace wedding, many people will look at your wedding as a role model. Following the latest trends is one thing, but setting your own trend for others to follow is an entirely different thing! From your wedding, people can catch one or two of your uniqueness and employ it in their weddings. Your wedding would stand as a paradigm for the other weddings to follow.

royal palace wedding

A princely grandeur wedding makes one feel no less than a King and a Queen! Rise to the utmost height of happiness with the perfect wedding that you have always imagined.



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