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Trends are constantly changing. Evolving with them helps us to pace with time, to know, understand, and adopt changes. Change is constant and is important in every field. From the fashion industry to the educational field, to movies and weddings, there is a constant transformation in every aspect of life. With the ever-growing and developing world, you come across new ideas and trends regularly. There are ideas all over the internet on different apps, magazines, blogs, and celebrities who show us something new with every photo shoot. When we like something, we try to get the closet replica by spending as much as we can. Adopting new trends and ideas needs time, money, and investment along with a creative eye.


When it comes to the biggest festival in every family, a wedding, new inspirations are welcomed almost everywhere. These days’ people love to add something unique in their D-day. It can vary from the decor to fashion, from rituals to invitations, from favors to themes, etc. There is constant growth going on in this field too. And people are adapting, adapting to the new upcoming trends with open arms. There is a constant race to be better and exclusive.

Everyone wants to make their special day, even more, memorable for each one who attends. So, this is done by special add-ons that are different and unique, complimenting your style and personality. When you want such an addition, the internet is the first and the best place to find ideas. Hence, here we talk about a few interesting 2020 wedding trends to bookmark.

2021 Wedding Trends You Should Bookmark 

Bridal Crowns and Entry

The bride is a special one of the day. So, why not dress her up as a perfect princess with a bridal gown and an awe-struck entry?

Turning up Tradition


With new modifications, keeping the tradition intact is the new in-thing. So, weddings with traditional family outfits, jewelry, venues, and rituals are the new trending style.

Funky Food Counters

From grazing tables with teal table runner to self-serving counters, food, and cocktail-themed backdrops and special open bars, food can be played around a lot. There are special menus, the addition of exotic fruits, healthy options, and special street-style cuisine or dessert counters, decorated to appeal to each one.

Wedding Decor

From open frames to rustic looks, from eco-friendly themes to micro destination weddings, weddings are taking a new transforming step, each season.

Art and Decor

People nowadays love art and love curating it for something unique and beautiful. Adding artwork on cakes, your invitations, or favors being inspired by some famous artwork and decor is the new trend.

Focus on Details

Details are something that can contribute to changing the whole look in the blink of an eye. Here are a few things you can add to make details more intricate and eye-catching.

  • Tinsel

Tinsel everything to get the perfect glimmering shimmer, brightening up all corners of your venue.

Tassels can give an intricate designer look in backdrop decorations, invitation cards, message cards for the couples, etc.

  • Bows

Neatly tied bows around cakes, bridal hairdo, backdrop decor, napkin holders or centerpiece decor, silk, paper or any material bows can do the perfect styling with color and trend.

  • Flowers


Lush flowers all over the aisle, side of seats, backdrops, table decorations, and photo booths can never go out of style.

  • Popsicles

Boozy popsicles are the new trend for a perfect combo of booze, sweetness, and color.

  • Lucite

This is a new-element that people love to be used for cake stands, trays, decorative boxes, or even heels and other accessories.

  • Candies and Sprinkles


Candies add the right color, pomp, fun, and sweetness in celebrations. With the addition of candies in food items, cakes, drinks, and sprinkles for the extra sweet topping, these are perfect add-ons.

  • Lanterns

Light up the area, brighten the aura and set the elegant mood with perfect lantern lighting.