A Complete Guide To Planning A Modern Wedding – Wedamor

The journey is long and there are several preparations required to set on that new journey. When you think about stepping into the new phase of your life, as a husband or a wife, you go through various emotions. There is fear, anxiety, nervousness. Along with these, there is also happiness, excitement, hope, and curiosity to know what this journey has to offer. May it be an arranged marriage or a love marriage, there are challenges and compromises that you need to face, to adjust and fit in the new phase.


These have to be done by both partners. Each of them has their struggles to fight to get the perfect family life. When there is understanding and trust it leads to a happy new life. But before this, preparations can get on to your nerves. Planning a perfect wedding includes shopping, wedding venues, decor, invitations, photographers, and several other things. The list keeps on becoming longer each day, till finally, the wedding gets over. It is not only you but your whole family who is under stress amidst all the celebrations and before everything starts.

As the trends are changing so rapidly these days, planning is getting even more complicated. It is good to understand and have an insight into a complete guide to planning a modern wedding.

Elements of Planning

Fixing the Date

Before you plan to do anything, the most important thing is fixing the wedding date. Getting a date as per your astrological signs or just as per the convenience of both the families can help to get things going. It leads to deciding the dates of other pre and post-wedding functions too.

Decide the Functions


Once the date has been decided, you can decide all the functions you need to have before and after the big day. They may include an engagement ceremony, Mehendi, Haldi, and family dinners.


Once all the functions have been decided, knowing your budget comes in the picture. Once you know how much you are ready to spend in all, it becomes easy to plan and make arrangements.

Select the Venues

Most of the functions these days need big venues. For that booking, the appropriate one in advance is easier to lose a chance for better ones.

A Rough Guest List


Functions, budget, and venues on point bring you to deciding the people you want to invite in all your functions. Starting with a rough guest list in which you can keep adding new members is the way to go about it.

Avail a Wedding Planner


Planning a wedding can leave you to panic and worry. There is the stress of looking after everything and the anxiety of having everything perfectly done. This can be helped by a wedding planner. A professional you can trust with all your arrangements and just sit back and monitor helps a lot.

Book the Vendors

Most of your vendor booking would be done by the planner if you hire one. Otherwise, you need to go around, look, select, and book with advance all your vendors. These may include the decorators, caterers, parlors ladies, and many others.

Keep Updating the List

Once you have made a list of all your guests and items that need to be taken care of, updating is essential. Adding new items that you remember while planning can help you get things done in a better way.

Shopping List

Along with the guest and things to do list a separate shopping list is helpful. It will be helpful when you go out shopping for too many things and end up not remembering half the things you had to buy.

Stay Calm

The most important element of a complete guide to planning a modern wedding is being calm and relaxed. Most people can get panicked, spoiling half the arrangements, and also their mood. It is important to be calm and not worry. Even if anything goes wrong, it can always be undone and handled by so many people around you.