Bangles: An Integral Part Of The New Bride – Wedamor

Bangles have been of the utmost importance for any woman since historic times. It is an integral part of her solaah shringaar. Every bride is required to put bangles on both of her hands after the marriage. It has become a ritual now. There are different types of bangle in different states of India. Every state follows its own customs and rituals and all are equally beautiful. There are many types of choodas and bangle sets available in the market, especially for newlyweds.

1. Punjabi Brides

Punjabi brides have the peppiest look in terms of jewelry in their entire wedding attire. They wear a chooda comprising mostly of red bangles with some white bangles. They have to wear it for a maximum of 1.5 years after the marriage. They also wear long kaleera at their wedding which looks astonishing and gives the bride a new look. The chooda is given by the maternal uncle and can also be paired with diamond and platinum bangles. This gives them a classier look.

2. Maharashtrian Bride

The Maharashtrian bride can easily be distinguished from other brides due to the ritual of wearing green bangles after the marriage. The bride’s team up their green bangles with a set of gold bangles known as patlyas. The bride has to wear the bangles in the odd numbers on both hands. It gives a charming look and is also a symbol of fertility.

3. Bengali’s

Bengalis are the sweetest just like their sweets. Their marriage is very simple yet a great affair. The Bengali brides wear a red bangle known as Pola and a white bangle known as the Shakha after her marriage. She has to wear them up to 1-1.5 years after marriage. It is said that the bride has to be careful and she should not break the bangles within one year of marriage.

4. Gujrati

The Gujrati bride also wears a chooda with red and white bangles after the marriage. She even wears a white saree with a red border on her wedding day. To compliment her chooda she can also pair it up with diamond and platinum bangles. The chooda of a Gujrati bride truly depicts the authenticity of the handicraft done in the Gujrat state. It has beautiful designs that can easily become the main attraction.

5. Tamil Nadu

The south Indian brides are fully loaded with gold from top to bottom. The bride in Tamil Nadu wears many golden bangles after her marriage. These bangles have traditional designs and are up to the mark. These bangles truly add to the beauty of a south Indian bride.