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Tips to Reduce Belly Bloating before Wedding – Wedamor

Belly bloating indicates the additional amount of solid, liquid, or gaseous substance in the stomach. It is not related to fat which is present in your body but it can make your tummy look a tad bigger than what it is. With all the wedding rituals and appetizing food going around, belly-bloating might make you […]

The Best 3 Month Diet Plan For Brides-to-be To Get Glowing Skin

The wedding season is almost upon us! With all the hustle bustle, it’s easy to let your diet slip away from you. Worry not, we’ve got the perfect three-month diet plan for brides-to-be that will not just see you flaunting a hot bod but glowing skin and glossy hair as well. We spoke to nutritionist […]


Beauty serums are an absolute necessity haves in a lady’s day by day magnificence routine and ought to be very basic in case you’re a lady to-be. Your healthy skin routine pre, during and after the wedding must incorporate normal utilization of the corruptly fragrant oils which are likewise a definitive sustenance for your skin. […]

Healthy Wedding Menu for Diet Conscious People – Wedamor

Without a doubt, you could consider your wedding a cheat day and eat anything you desire, however it’s totally conceivable to have a wedding menu that is heavenly, yet additionally more beneficial than the standard. Causing slight changes to your menu to can likewise be useful to those with hypersensitivities or dietary confinements. Food forms […]

Glow Under The Sun – Wedamor

As the saying goes, “Glowing skin is always in”. But this could be truer if it was easy to get one. Whether it’s from that fancy highlighter or from the sweat of this burning summer, we all want that perfect glow. Why not get it from within? Naturally glowing skin! In order to have great […]

Debunked Myths on Weight Loss & Diets Must Know Before Wedding Day

Getting married and worrying more about your weight than your wedding? Well, earlier than you go on any of the crazy fad diets or; begin believing something people keeps telling you about weight loss and diet; let us grow to be your saviour. While you would possibly no longer be conscious of this however the […]