The process of wedding planning is quite overwhelming. Even the most organized couple can make mistakes during the wedding planning journey. With so many things happening around you, it becomes difficult to control everything.

But, there are a few common wedding planning mistakes that can be avoided by couples. Have a look.


Sending Out Invites Too Soon/Late


We know the excitement level is high and you want your close ones to know about your big day as soon as possible, but don’t send the invites until everything is finalized. Also, sending out invites too soon where they forget about the wedding or too late where they don’t have time to schedule or plan things to make it to your wedding is to be avoided. At least 4-6 weeks proper to the wedding is the best time to send out invites.

Unexpected Wedding Expenses


Indian weddings are all about wearing the best outfits, having fanciest decor, yummiest food and putting up the most lavish show with lots of entertainment for family and friends. Putting up such a grand show, it is quite common for unexpected wedding expenses to happen. Setting up a budget according to wedding planning checklist is therefore of utmost importance. Having this list will help you see that the top three priorities are budget, guest list and venue. Your budget is going to set the scene and drive every other decision for planning. Set a budget for each category and always overestimate so you don’t expect a shock after looking at the final amount.

Inviting Too Many Guests


The most common wedding mistake comes when you have to decide on the guest list. Should you invite that uncle or aunt who invited you to their kids wedding years ago? Instead of thinking about who you are going to upset by not calling them for wedding, discuss with your partner and finalise who you want to make part of your big day. Because the people who you are going to invite are going to influence how the day goes. Check this guide for wedding guest list to avoid the mistake of inviting too many guests.

Skipping The Videographer


Photographers are indeed needed, but couples often fail to understand the importance of videographer. Hiring a videographer along with a photographer will help you relive those special moments of your big day. Also, the couples will be able watch other moments that they had skipped during that time since they were busy in the ceremonies. Videos literally captures the movement and sound thereby capturing the emotions. Another great thing about having videos of your wedding is that you can share it with your guests who were a part of it for them to enjoy those moments again. 

Family/Societal Pressures


This is your day, and you are the master of it. You get to personalize your day, your way! Succumbing to what your family or what society expects will leave you and your partner unhappy on your big day. Whether it is guest lists or functions or favors, you and your partner finalize upon it.

Off course your family have a say in it and following creative twists in traditions can be a great idea for not upsetting them as well as doing it your way. After all, couples get to choose what feels right for them. 

These are some common wedding planning mistakes to avoid by couples and they will have a great and stress free celebration!