The Perfect Invitation For Weddings: Ideas For Wedding Invitation Cards

Whether it is a big fat wedding arrangement or a small exquisite destination wedding- it will be incomplete without the presence of your loved ones, friends and family. Marriage is once in a lifetime event, a forever tie and to make it memorable, a perfect wedding invite card is essential! I have come across so many wedding cards in all these years and some of them just stuck to me till date. The world of invitation cards has been rapidly expanding its creative boundaries giving couples more and more options to built their perfect wedding invitation card. In this article, I would love to share some great and unique hand-picked ideas catering to different demands and preferences and hope for it to help the perfect couple and many to-be-weds find their perfect invitation for weddings.

1) The All Rounder Box Card

Perfect Invitation For Weddings

This invitation card is not just a visual delight but also a treat to the taste buds. It is not a card but a box of edible goodies for the guests. This has been a very popular type of invitation and is currently trending. It might be costlier than most of the cards but for a smaller guest list it can be cost effective and an unforgettable card!
Furthermore, if the wedding is just one-time affair why not invest in ideas for wedding invitation cards which can be elaborate and fantastic? The couple can choose to put in delicious sweets, savory snacks, dry fruits or even miniature liquor bottles in this all-rounder box card.

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2) Preserving the culture card

Perfect Invitation For WeddingsThis wedding invitation card speaks tradition and provides a souvenir at the same time. What better way to make a wedding extremely memorable than attaching a token of the couple’s cultures and bond with the invitation? The couple can choose to put in some item which best represents where they come from or what they are, like a handicraft item/ brooch/ mini statue of god and such, with the card. This item will stay with the guests forever and represent the beautiful bond of the couple at the same time. I call this a WIN-WIN!

3) Save Money, Save TreesPerfect Invitation For WeddingsWith the increasing use of technology, every individual is bound to have some social media presence like WhatsApp or at the least an email account. This is a trending take on wedding invitations and is guaranteed to bring a delightful smile on the guests’ faces. Moreover, as they say- “photographs always leaves its print on the viewer’s mind”. With the video wedding card option, the couple can be as expressive and creative as they desire to be. The video length can be short or long, it can have a theatrical drama edge or a collection of pictures and written content in it. It can have a pleasant soundtrack or a duet sung by the couple themselves! It can portray a journey from their first date till their marriage proposal or just feature their best moments together. Bonus element is that it is a very cost effective idea as it is all electronically circulated + is environmental friendly= Double impact! The guests will love this new style of invitation and they can keep the video forever while always cherishing it. It may not be the most traditional wedding card but will definitely work as a perfect invitation for weddings to the most preferred invitation in the future.

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4) The Bold and Funky card

Perfect Invitation For Weddings

Colors equal true expressions. Some bold and chirpy colors bring life to the dull, brighten the mood and leave a memorable impression. Last but the not the least, an impeccable way to present your invitation is to go bold with the color scheme. The card does not have to be a box full of goodies or contain souvenir items but it can simply have popping hues and attract attention. The couple can customize the color palette which speaks the language of their love. The card can also have 3D popping elements to create a more expressive dimension. This card among our perfect invitation for weddings will surely win hearts and symbolize the bright, enthusiastic and happy nature of the couple’s bond with each other.

I hope that this article inspires all the couples out there to choose the card which can be a perfect invitation for weddings and resonates with them, their style and their choices. There are certainly millions of amazing ideas and creative invitations out there but these ones personally are bound to make a statement in my opinion. GOOD LUCK to all the lovely couples out there!





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