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When a girl is getting married more than her, the best friend is excited. Do you know the reason? The reason for the excitement is because you get to wear new clothes and you have a chance to have a lot of fun. But with this fun and excitement comes the huge responsibility of bridesmaids. 

Ultimate Guide To Be A Perfect Bridesmaid

If you are the best friend of the bride you need to keep your enjoyment aside and concentrate on making the wedding day the most memorable day for your best friend. So here is an ultimate guide on how to become a perfect bridesmaid. 

You are the emotional and mental support

Your best friend getting married is a big change in her life. Amidst all the excitement and eagerness to start a new life with her better half, the sudden change in her life can take a toll on her emotional and mental health. So you need to be there for her even in the middle of the night. You will have to start a 24*7 helpline and be available over the call if it is not possible to come physically. 


Plan the wedding

So your duty is not just limited to being emotionally available. You need to help the bride to plan the entire wedding. You are responsible for ensuring that all the needs and wants of the brides are incorporated in the planning. The main goal of the bridesmaid is to convert the dream wedding of the bride into a reality.


Don’t let the bride shop alone

Wedding shopping can go on for days and days. Even if you start early, till the last moment there is some or the other thing which is left out. And when we talk about bridal shopping the list is endless. Therefore, the bridesmaid needs to make a checklist and accompany the bride in shopping. From the wedding attire to a little hairpin every little detail needs to be taken care of. You also need to keep a check on the finances of the bride. Make sure that in the atmosphere of wedding stress the bride doesn’t make a rash decision and spend excess money.


Celebrate the last moment before the bride becomes the wife

One of the most important duties of the bridesmaid is to make the last moment of the bride memorable before she becomes someone’s wife. So organizing a bachelorette party or a bridal shower is a priority for a bridesmaid. Make sure you invite all the important people in your best friend’s life and no one is missed out. Plan the return gifts well in advance so that there is no problem at the last minute. And the most important thing it should be a surprise for the bride. Therefore, don’t forget to add a surprise element to the party.


Dance and make everyone dance 

As a bridesmaid, you need to dance with all your energy at the wedding. Not only you have to dance but you have to make sure that everyone else is also dancing at the wedding. You need to select the songs and arrange for a choreographer to teach the dance step. The bridesmaid has to make sure the sangeet function is an absolute hit and filled with excitement.


Drive away the cold feet

As the wedding day comes nearer the bride might start panicking and that is called having cold feet. The bridesmaid needs to throw away the cold feet of the bride and help her to focus on the positive side of the marriage and spend her entire life with the person whom she loves.

Pamper the Bride 

A wedding day is the most special day in a girl’s life. Therefore, bridesmaid must pamper her best friend or sister and make her feel special. Try to handle her little tantrums and give her chocolates and wine which will flatter her.


In short, you have to be the right hand of the bride. Organize everything according to her wishes and be there for her in all her ups and downs and you will already be a perfect bridesmaid.

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