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Types Of Draping Nauvari Saree At Traditional Maharashtrian Wedding

Brides (navri, as called in marathi) wear “Nauvari Saree”which is dhoti style saree as the Maharashtra history revolves around warriors. The Kasta style sarees and nauvari saree drapes are the most traditional styles of Marathi sarees. Maharashtrian saree types and draping styles which are worn as the tradition of Maharashtrian culture varies from slight differences […]

9 Types of Wedding Invitations to Choose From – Wedamor

Wedding invitations are one of the most important details of your wedding. They’re something that you would want to be proud of. After all, an invitation is the prerequisite to the actual wedding ceremony, letting your guests know how much you will appreciate their presence on your most-awaited day. One way to delight your guests […]

Ultimate Guide To Be A Perfect Bridesmaid – Wedamor

When a girl is getting married more than her, the best friend is excited. Do you know the reason? The reason for the excitement is because you get to wear new clothes and you have a chance to have a lot of fun. But with this fun and excitement comes the huge responsibility of bridesmaids.  […]

Umang Exhibition 2019 – Wedamor Wedamor %

Umang Society, a Delhi Based Exhibition organization, organised a blend of fashion & lifestyle showcasing fashion apparels, footwear, jewellry & accessories, bags, home furnishing and much more. Umang believes that fashion trends are temporary, meanwhile a society’s values are established and have an evolving characteristic to their beliefs and culture. Umang Exhibition and Umang Society […]

Underrated yet important expenses in the Wedding Carnival – Wedamor

Indian guardians begin gathering cash for their kids’ wedding from the minute they are conceived. Poor person isn’t even multi day old however a FD for a long time is as of now against his name! In the present day and age, it feels like my wedding will cost me my whole khandan’s kidneys! Indian […]

Unique and Trending Sari Ideas For The Modern Bride – Wedamor

Sarees have been a part of Indian traditional wear for a very long time. They accentuate your figure and make you look more elegant and sophisticated than almost any other attire. Amongst South Indian brides, it is customary to adorn this six-yard beauty on their wedding day. In other parts of the country, brides are […]

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Husband On Your First Wedding Anniversary- Wife’s Guide – Wedamor

It is the time of the year when you have completed your one year as a couple and yet everything feels so fresh and new. Gifting can be difficult especially after your wedding and when it’s your first year wedding anniversary.  Wedamor brings you some unique ideas for gifting on the first wedding anniversary – […]

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Wife On Your First Wedding Anniversary- Husband’s Guide – Wedamor

This is the second part of our gift ideas series. We know how gifting can be difficult for your first wedding anniversary. So, Wedamor discusses about different and unique gift ideas for your wife on your first wedding anniversary- the husband’s guide for today’s blog.  Source Paper Flowers               […]

Unique Hindi Songs For Wedding Video – Wedamor

A wedding celebration is a one-time thing. You fall in love once and you get married once. And from the moment you start planning your wedding you want it to be unique and perfect. But along with that, naturally, you would want your wedding highlight video or teaser to be out of the box. And […]

Traditional Outfit Inspiration From Bollywood Celebs For Men!

Bollywood has been a major source of inspiration for weddings be it any category like outfits, accessories, decor, theme, and lots more. While we have always talked about how the Bollywood actresses have inspired us to be it their outfits or jewelry like CHOKER but Bollywood actors are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to […]

Travel Hacks You Must Follow to Make Your Journey Memorable –

Quite often the most unpleasant point of travel is long and excruciating or fast and unproductive preparation. In order not to forget anything and not to take anything extra on your trip, you need to prepare a list of things in advance. We have prepared some travel hacks for you. Smartest Travel Hacks You Should […]

#TrendAlert New and Interesting Mehendi Designs – Wedamor

Mehendi is the most auspicious part of the whole wedding ritual! Gone are the days when Mehendi designs used to be all boring and monotonous. The new-age Indian bride loves to experiment and play around with textures, outfits, and even Mehendi Designs! New and fun elements such as theme-based Mehendis or Mehendi tattoos have been […]

Trending 14 Pocket Lehenga Designs! – Wedamor

A lehenga with a pocket is such a great idea. They ‘re traditional yet comfy and elegant. We encourage brides to ask for a pocket lehenga to make their lives simpler.  They are available in lightweight designs to big designer lehengas for any wedding function. To add a little more spark to your inspiration, here […]

Trending Bride & Groom Outfit Combination Ideas – Wedamor

Coordinating the bride and groom outfit has been in vogue for some time now and it is one of the trends that we are absolutely in love with. From matching colours or prints to contrasting designs, couples have found innovative ways to wear complementary ensembles. While it is fun to match your dress with your […]

Latest and Trending Ethnic Wear For Kids For Wedding Season 2018 – Wedamor

As we head near the wedding, each and every one belonging to the family rushes up to get their looks sorted. They always want to look trendy yet traditional. While the elders finalize their look for the day, the central focus of dressing up falls on the kids. And let me tell you it is […]

Trending Indian Wedding Songs to Rule 2020 – Wedamor

A steady dose of Bollywood with Trending Indian Wedding Songs right from your sangeet to bridal entry is a must. Like food, one cannot imagine a big, fat Indian wedding without the Trending Indian Wedding Songs. 2018 has given some of the bombastic Trending Indian Wedding Songs that are surely likely to add sparkle to […]

Trending Makeup Looks For Attending An Indian Wedding – Wedamor

I think a wedding is the only time when we get to get ready according to our wishes and that’s the time where you can show off your skills, dresses. There are people with different style and different nature not everybody likes the same type of makeup. Some like little touches of makeup and while […]

Trending Outfits For The Sister Of The Bride – Wedamor

Bride-to-be ‘s sister is the third most important individual in the wedding as all eyes move on to sisters after staring at the bride & groom. They are the ones who set the wedding mood in real terms. All eyes are on her as at the wedding she will get the most limelight. So, it’s […]

Trending Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas For Ultimate Bridal Entry – Wedamor

People say that on their wedding day a bride looks best at her radiant. The bridal entrance may be a small part of the ritual, but it is a decades-old tradition and has a deep nostalgic sense. Originally, the phoolon ki chaadar was intended to ward off evil eyes and keep the bride looking her […]

Trending Safas for Indian Grooms in 2017 – Wedamor

How do you spot the groom in a typical Indian wedding? The perfect attributes of an immaculately turned out Indian groom are a richly embroidered sherwani, a stole worn around the neck, mojdis (traditional Indian footwear) and, a stylish safa or turban with a jewelled brooch or kalgi pinned in the front or a feather perched on the top.So here we are to ride […]

Trending Summer Wedding Outfits For A Glamorous Look – Wedamor

A simple yet pretty outfit is what the new-age weddings call for. With the warm weather, you can appear in contrast; being the coolest bride, or else you can be the hottest! Not only the weather but with the place, the theme, the ceremonies, you need to match up with everything. When we talk about […]

Trending Wedding Card Ideas! – Wedamor

“The first impression is the last impression.” And the distribution of Invitation Cards is the first step to impress your guests. Therefore, the wedding card designs are basically the first impression of how the grand celebration is going to be. So you just don’t want to go wrong with your invitation cards. So, skip the […]

Trends for Weddings of 2020 – Wedamor

If you are looking for something that is unique, yet fancy for your wedding festivals then you should definitely check these major trends. You can opt for these and set your own Instagram goals. When it comes to planning a wedding event, we all need something that is different, fancy and more fun. wedding trends […]

Trendy and Affordable Bachelor’s Party Ideas – Wedamor

It is obviously not every day that you and your friends plan a bachelor’s or bachelorette party! So when the time comes and you do have to plan it, why not go all out! Create an experience that will be remembered and treasured always. After all, it is your wedding soon and there needs to […]