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Your Seasonal Color Guide For Wedding Lehenga Fashion

While red and gold are the traditional hues for an Indian bride, a little experimenting could give marvelous results. Every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding. The most important element that needs to shine through is obviously the wedding Lehenga. Colors are to play with and have fun with. It’s time to break the mainstream bridal lehenga […]

Recreating and Decoding B-Town Celeb’s Outfits For Wedding

2018-2019 was definitely the year of Celebrity Weddings, be it DeepVeer, NickYanka, Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja, Neha Dhupia-Angad Bedi, Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal, Shweta Tripathi-Chaitanya Sharma and the list goes on. Some preferred grand wedding while few chose a small private affair. Here are few looks from these star-studded weddings, which can be created. Source 1. Sangeet/Mehendi […]

Top Sabyasachi Bollywood Brides Setting Standards – Wedamor

Sabyasachi Mukherjee has become the most-wanted choice of every Indian bride. You must have been living under a rock if you didn’t know who Sabyasachi Mukherjee is today. The designer came into light when he featured in a wedding lifestyle show Band Baaja Bride. He has made a revelation in the sector of Indian wedding […]

Best Places to Purchase Bridal Lehengas in South Ex

Congratulations! You are about to get hitched but now the tension is where are you going to find your dream lehenga. Well, I have the perfect solution for you. Here are the best places to purchase bridal lehengas in South Ex that will help you get your dream lehenga for your Wedding Day. 7 Shops […]

Quirky Ideas For Haldi Outfits – Wedamor

Haldi immediately brings to mind a lot of colours, laughter and fun. The pictures from Haldi are often the happiest and most candid. It heralds the start of wedding activities, and you sure will want to get your outfit right. Here, you have the space to experiment with different styles and stray away from the […]

Recently Wedded Celebrity Outfits – Wedamor Celebrity Wedding Outfits

Outfits are statements of your personality. They show who you are and what you like as a person. Celebrities are known to make such statements in their day to day life- airport looks, yoga looks, OOTDs and more. The outfits they wear at their weddings and other ceremonies are the most treasured and most beloved items […]

Pre-bridal treatment options that every should know about – Wedamor

Everybody from your auntie’s to neighbors to your bridesmaids, talk about what you look like once you’ve a ring on your finger. Because of spouting affection you’ve been showered with! You should definitely know about the bridal treatment prior to the wedding. Be that as it may, somewhere close to every one of the game […]

Pre-marriage Preparation Tips For Indian Grooms – Wedamor

Very few occasions are more articulately planned than a big, fat Indian marriage. Everything is planned with extreme detail. Although it is more common to see the Indian brides fretting over the pre-marriage preparations more than India grooms, the groom still has a lot to live up to.  Image source Easy to Follow Tips For […]

Pre-Wedding Haircare Tips For The Bride – Wedamor

Indian wedding hairdos for the most part require the lady to wear her hair long. On the off chance that you are getting hitched in a half year time, you can begin preparing up now so as to have glossy and sumptuous tresses that will really be your delegated wonder on your exceptional day. Here […]

Pretty Latkan Ideas For your Bridal Lehengas – Wedamor

Fashion holds a very important part of the lives of a few people. It is a way for them to express how they feel. As an expression of their emotions, it also helps them to relax and stay calm. Looking good, experimenting with new styles, trying new trends is what they love the most. Everyone […]

Popularity of Destination Weddings – Wedamor

Times are changing and people are adapting to it. More and more people are coming forward to make these changes fruitful. From the way of education to fashion preferences to career choices to lifestyle, everything is changing. The same is the case with weddings; there have been many considerable changes over the years, to make […]

Planning a Budget Wedding – Wedamor Budget Wedding

When you are planning a wedding it is very easy to get distracted and blown away due to the costs. It is very surprising to know much simple decor or caterer costs. To execute a perfect, and well-balanced budget wedding, you must ensure that all the costs are accounted for and allocated properly. Here is […]

Planning A Green Wedding – Wedamor

Green Wedding. Wedding are a great deal to manage. We often hear people say “Picturey bhale chale na chale, shaadiya chalti rahengi”. It is indeed true. Weddings are bound to happen. And every wedding is a bond of love and friendship between two entire families. It is not necessary that every couple would have dreams […]

Planning A Theme Based Wedding? Six Tips You Need To Keep In Mind!

Selecting a wedding theme can take your traditional nuptials from typical to terrific with just a little extra planning. Settling on wedding themes can be one of the more difficult tasks when planning a wedding. But it may just be the most critical since all other decisions are backed up by this decision. Once you’ve […]

Points To Remember When Going for a Designer Replica Lehenga – Wedamor

Many brides aspire to wear their favorite designer bridal lehenga. Also, the idea of putting a huge amount of money could affect their wedding budget. So, move to Replica mode. If you’re looking to have a designer replica lehenga made either here or anywhere in the country, you’ll need to make sure you consider the following […]

Popular and Modern Bridal Bangle Designs – Wedamor

When it comes to jewellery, bangles often do not get the same attention as your necklace or earrings. They are usually chosen at the end, and you don’t get to spend enough time on them. So, to make it easier for you, we thought we would collate popular bangle ideas from across the web. Something […]

Photography Ideas For Wedding Lehenga! – Wedamor

When it’s about your wedding, you want to cherish from everything from the tiniest to the grandest moments. You want to make a lot of memories and one thing that definitely helps you accomplish it is photography. The essence and way of photography have changed over times. We don’t only click mainstream photographs with the relatives, […]

How Can You Personalise Groom Wedding Outfit? – Wedamor

While men have fewer options than women when it comes to clothes but men are beyond doubt more playful and experimental than women. So, why to stay back on your wedding day? Personalising the outfit does not only look chic but becomes memorable for all. An ordinary outfit will stand out for some time but […]

Offbeat Bridal Lehengas That Will Make You Ditch Red – Wedamor

Colors add life to our clothing, our celebrations, and our whole life. Each color symbolizes a specific emotion or feeling. Hence, we use colors according to what we feel or want to showcase. Some colors due to their defined importance have been used over the years in the same way. This includes the color red […]

Online Wedding Shopping In Times Of Corona – Wedamor

Thanks to Corona Virus, you can’t go to the usual markets for wedding shopping as you would have done until February. Do not worry, you’ve online wedding shopping portals to your rescue. It is somewhat better than the usual way. One can get excellent stuff with outstanding deals and discounts, and there is no need […]

7 Most Stunning Outfits For The Engagement Ceremony

An engagement ceremony or the ring ceremony is the first step of the bride towards the feeling of being a bride or getting married. Weddings have so many functions and the engagement party is one such function. Brides often cannot decide what to wear on the ring ceremony. There are so many outfits to wear, still […]

Must Take Shots Of Your Wedding Lehenga – Wedamor

Lehengas are often the one component of your wedding on which you have invested the most time and money. This along with the fact that they are going to look just drop dead gorgeous means that you need to photograph them well. Lehenga shots have come a long way from simple photos taken with the […]

New Lehenga Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

A lehenga is a lehenga. Really, simply how a lot can you test with a choli and a skirt combo. Turns out, pretty a bit. With the wedding ceremony trend getting so competitive over the ultimate few years, designers are coming up with new traits each season. It’s surely commendable how a whole lot of […]

New & Quirky Wedding Hairband Styles – Wedamor

Hairbands are quite an unusual choice for wedding-related events, but a lot of brides have found ways to rock a stylish hairband. From floral to pearl, there are a variety of designs available in the market. Hairbands are a popular choice for the Haldi and Mehndi event. It also helps keep your hair away from […]