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Important Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom-To-Be – Wedamor

It’s time to start planning that big day! There is so much planning and work that goes into preparing for a wedding. Finding the venue, picking the perfect date, putting together a great menu, and organizing the ideal seating chart can be stressful. However, we are here to help by offering the most important wedding […]

Ideas For Bachelorette!

You have no idea that it is a big deal to plan the ultimate Bachelorette party or weekend stay and mainly to be able to stick to that plan and pull it off efficiently. There is a lot of communication, organization, and confusion involved since it is a real challenge to deal with multiple bridesmaid/groomsmen […]

Importance of Wedding Albums and Memories – Wedamor

Lavish, colorful, special and memorable are the words that come to our mind when we talk about weddings. Weddings have always been a special opportunity to get-together; meet everyone whom you haven’t met for long. It is the perfect time for the whole family to have a close, gaming and gossip session over delicious food […]

Impress Your Guests With Personalized Wedding Wine Glasses – Wedamor

Have you got a wedding in the offing? This is a way to show appreciation for all their aid throughout the planning of the entire wedding and also getting involved in your wedding! Attempt considering some kind of a present for those who may get to your wedding event, as a small token but actually, a […]

Increasing Demand For Coloured Diamonds in Indian Weddings –

Coloured Diamonds In Indian Weddings Indian weddings are known for the richness of colours in them.Hues of reds, yellows and greens make a splash, creating a perfect ambience.While Indian weddings have a fair amount of gold accessories but people of late, have developed a major interest in a related section – diamonds. In India, most diamond jewellery […]

Ideas For Gifting A Newly Wed

What should you gift your newlywed friends? The Wedding Gift is the toughest decision for a guest to make. But obviously you would want to gift them something which is memorable and useful. Choosing a gift which is either of the two can be a task if you have a set budget. So, here we […]

Using PINTEREST For Wedding Planning- The Brides Guide

Pinterest is an American social media web and mobile application company. It is a software designed for saving and discovery of information using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos. By saving images and creating boards, here is how Pinterest can be used for wedding planning guide. Take a look. Fresh and new […]

How To Take Care of Your Gold Jewelry – Wedamor

Nothing can beat this gold’s appeal. Every woman loves to flaunt her gold ornaments. Gold is not only a metal but it also has different meanings in a relationship. Adorned as a mangalsutra, it becomes a symbol of the pure relationship that two people in love share. Given to a daughter at her wedding, a […]

How to Manage Wedding Stress? – Wedamor Weddings

Weddings can be extremely stressful. A good amount of stress is healthy. It keeps you motivated and working hard for success. It is also said that “too much of anything is good for nothing.” Therefore, having a lot of stress, especially wedding stress, can be detrimental to your health. Moreover, you never know when all […]

Awesome Ideas on How to Incorporate Pets in Your Wedding

When planning their wedding, many grooms and brides-to-be are at a loss about what to do with their beloved pets. Most pet owners would love nothing better than to have their pets by their side on their big day. A skeptic would say, but it is difficult to incorporate pets in a formal event like […]

How To Be The Perfect Maid-Of-Honor – Wedamor

To be chosen as the maid-of-honor is probably the highest honor that your friend and sister can bestow upon you. When you are chosen as the maid-of-honor, it is probably your best friend’s or your sister’s wedding which you have been fantasizing about since forever. And this is the golden chance for you to help […]

Hardik Pandya & Natasa Announces Lockdown Wedding With Pregenancy News! – Wedamor

On 31 December 2019, Cricketer Hardik Pandya first revealed Natasa as his girlfriend, with a photo from their holiday in Dubai with a caption “Starting the year with my firework”. Source Source Source The Dream Proposal Hardik confirmed their engagement the very next day, i.e, 1st January 2020 on his Instagram. Pandya wrote, “Mai tera, […]

Get Your Own Personal Wedding Website At eWedding – Wedamor

Getting a personal wedding website (wedsites) for your wedding is the coolest trend today as almost everyone is trying it, considering the aid it offers in the planning and communication during the whole process. It can be used to communicate with wedding guest, send them the invitation, inform them about the location, time, venue, etc. […]

Fun & Jazzy Photo Ideas for the Bride & her Bridesmaids

From sisters and best friends to roommates or work wifeys, your bridesmaids are your backbone for always putting up with your craziness & tantrums. For every time they were your aid and your insane half, and for all the things they take care of throughout your wedding, your girl gang definitely deserves all the love […]

Five Fabulous Tips for a Fantastic Bridal Pictorial – Wedamor

Engagement and prenuptial pictorials are a common practice for would-be married couples to go through. There are even post-nuptial pictorials as well as honeymoon photo shoots. Up until recently, bridal pictorials weren’t so common, but there are signs that these are set to become just as popular. So, why have a bridal pictorial, and what […]

30 Evergreen Songs Played in Almost Every Indian Wedding – Wedamor

all haryanvi songs,punjabi dj song,dj punjabi new songs,old punjabi songs,dj punjab top 20 songs,bollywood songs for bride,punjab dj song,dj punjabi song video,shaadi songs,dj songs punjabi,dj,hindi song,indian wedding songs Songs can be rightly termed as the lifeline of a wedding function. A wedding is all about enjoying thoroughly and it would not be wrong to […]

Earlymoon: Pre-Wedding Getaway is an Emerging Trend of 2019 – Wedamor

Taking a Honeymoon after the wedding has become a common tradition. But, the idea of a pre-wedding getaway as a couple is a new emerging trend. More people are doing things a little out of order and taking a break from the stress of wedding planning and opting to get away before the ceremony. Pre-wedding […]

Delightful Ways To Incorporate Pets In Your Wedding – Wedamor

Don’t we all love our furry little friends? These adorable beings have been part and parcel of your life and are as vital to you as friends and family. So don’t you want them to be a part of your big day? The idea is not quite as far fetched as you think. A lot […]

Delicious & Dazzling Cake Designs – Wedamor

The wedding cake was originally a part of only white weddings, but now many couples are opting for a cake at their wedding or engagement party. Your wedding cake confectioner is not merely a chef but an artist. The cakes they create are indeed masterpieces, and there is very little that these bakers cannot do. […]

Cute and Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Pretty BFFs! – Wedamor

Bridesmaid is the life of a wedding ceremony. It is their efforts that let you become a perfect bride. When it comes to appreciating their love for you, there is often a kind of confusion as to what could be perfect for your pretty best friends. These gifts are just a gratitude notion, telling them […]

7 Most Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For An Indian Couple

A wedding gift is something that is very close to a couple’s heart. A couple remembers it for a very very long time as the guests shower their love, blessings and good wishes on the couple in the form of wedding gift. A wedding gift worth remembering.. Wedding gifts are obviously an integral part of […]

Coronavirus Wedding Impact- What All Can Be Done?

A whole bunch of couples, who were going to get married in the next couple of months, are surely freaking out. They can’t think to get married for at least 4-5 months from now, thanks to the pandemic. The worldwide coronavirus outbreak, Covid-19, has forced Indians as well as people in abroad nations to re-plan […]

Cool & Trendy Neon Decoration Ideas – Wedamor

If you are looking for a way to break away the usual colour palettes then try going the neon way. Neon signages and neon decorations are being easily favoured by the modern couple. They are very easily customisable and can be moulded to fit any aesthetic. Neon can be incorporated as anything from signages to […]

Coming of the potli bags- 2020 Brides Who Carried Them In Style! – Wedamor

Accessories have always been an important part of the bridal look. They help you to stand out on your special day, shine like no one else and slay in your style. From the classy mang tikkas to designer chumkis, from hair brooches to potli bags, the new trend has been uplifted and newer accessories are […]