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Newly Wed Husband-Musings Of A Newly Wed Husband – Wedamor

It’s not entirely a farcical argument that the onus of planning a wedding has more to do with the bride-to-be than her counterpart. That’s the whole problem for us males. We generally don’t know what to do. Among all the elation and hullabaloo that everyone looks engrossed in, we’re lost more often than not.Here is the […]

Micro Wedding and Its Importance – Wedamor

Weddings in India are one of the biggest celebrations of an individual’s life. When you have to plan your wedding, the requirement is to give your 100% in planning as well as organizing. Though weddings are considered as a celebration, they do take a toll on your pocket. A huge amount of money is spent […]

Mind-Blowing Food Trends in 2020 To Look Out At Indian Weddings – Wedamor

Weddings in India is the biggest celebration in every household due to a lot of reasons. Along with being a special day for the bride and the groom as they start a new phase of life, it is a new start for their families too. There are new relations made, new members join along with […]

10 Amazing Ways To Rock Your Mehendi Ceremony At Home

Mehendi ceremony is one of those wedding functions where your family members enjoy the most. People often spend a lot of money on the wedding ceremony and do not want to spend a fortune for the mehendi ceremony. But you can have an amazing mehendi ceremony at home. You just have to use your creativity […]

Ways To Make Your Mehendi Ceremony Interesting – Wedamor

Indian Wedding is known for ceremonies galore. You have functions like Mehendi, Engagement, Tilak, Reception. But what’s the common thing between all those functions that compel people to attend your ceremonies? Well, it’s the entertainment factor. When it comes to Mehendi, it becomes important to make your Mehendi ceremony interesting so that the guests don’t […]

Mehendi Tattoo Designs For Groom- Totally Worth It!

Whenever we see mehendi on grooms, we become a bit surprise, right? But actually mehendi is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. The way mehendi darkens on one’s hands determines how deep their love is for their partner. Mehndi for grooms was never an alien concept, in fact, it’s actually an […]

Mesmerising Blue Lehenga Designs – Wedamor

Blue will be a favourite colour for many of you, and you may be thinking of going for your favourite colour and ditching the usual reds and pinks. We say, go for it. And to help you do the same, we have compiled some fabulous lehengas of multiple blue hues for you. Source Beauty In […]

Mandap Designs For Your Perfect Wedding – Wedamor

Traditionally, Hindu weddings are celebrated at a well-decorated mandap – a four-pole canopy erected at the center of the stage. Although the Decor varies from region to region across India, the basic concept remains the same – to bless the bride and the groom, who tie the wedding knot, erected at the wedding venue, primarily […]

Marrying Your Best Friend? Advantages of Marrying Your Best Friend. – Wedamor

Those “leave-taking” vows and heartbreaks and the promises to stay in touch in all the forthcoming years of life! Those nostalgic jiffies, poignant sobs and the fear of partying!! Friends sure bring out the best in you and the best for you. In the conquest of all these laments, go date your best friend. Not […]

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage-The Debate – Wedamor

Marriage is a holy institution, and as is the case with all holy institutions, it is plagued with some very unholy components. Here we have, amongst others, a never-ending listless duel between arranged and love marriages that threaten to destroy each other! And we can’t-do anything except for comparing the two. Presenting thereby the debate- […]

Luxurious Cars For the Royal Entry Of The Groom! – Wedamor

You are getting married only once in your lifetime. And that one time should be one hell of a celebration. If you want your wedding to be grand and luxurious you need to select that kind of venue like a palace or a beautiful and scenic resort. Along with that your outfits and the rituals […]

Majestic locations to host perfect Destination Weddings! Wedamor

Destination weddings aren’t a new fad now. More than often we see gorgeous pictures of couples alongside the beaches and hills. It’s a dream come true for the to-be-weds to celebrate their most special occasion in its grandeur. Every to-be married couple would love to make their wedding day the most special and the best […]

Make Memories With These Beautiful Photo Booth Ideas

Who doesn’t like to be clicked when they are well-dressed and all decked up? Photo booths furnish the first-rate background for such quirky and exciting picture ops. Here are a few thoughts you can draw thought from where You can Make Memories With These Beautiful Photo Booth Ideas! Photo Booths are an enjoyable way to […]

Make Your Wedding A Fairytale with Trending Cherry Blossom Decor!

The most desirable and trending decor which can appear accurate for a wedding ceremony in any season- can carry the iciness blues. It appears extraordinarily and sparkle in summers, spring is all about vegetation as it is; and fall is all about the leaves! Yup, wedding ceremony decor stimulated through the well-known Japanese Cherry Blossoms […]

Hey Brides-to-be, Check Out these Latest Silk Saree Designs – Wedamor

From yarn to fabric, from warp to weft, from luster to smoothness – every property about silk is luxe and exotic. Apart from being an excellent hand-me-down piece from your bridal collection, a silk saree will help turn you into the epitome of grace. So, no matter how many synthetic fabrics come and go, silk […]

Latest Sleeve Designs For Your Bridal Outfits – Wedamor

Sleeves can be a real game-changer and make your outfit a memorable one. With fashion so accessible the options are limitless. Here are the latest sleeve designs for your bridal outfits.  Selecting the right outfit for your big day is at the heart of all decisions. Every girl thinks she’s prepared to select the perfect […]

Latest Trends In Bridal Kanjeevarams – Wedamor

Bridal Kanjeevarams are an integral part of the South Indian culture. Most brides wear one on their wedding day. But in recent times, they have become quite popular across the country and brides are rocking Kanjeevaramas in style. They are experimenting with new colours and pairing them with funky blouses. We have collated all the […]

10 Lehenga Color Combination That Will Rule 2019 Weddings – Wedamor

There is no denying the fact that matchy-matchy monotones are in trend but color combinations can never be unstylish. The lehengas in color combination look gorgeous with stunning jewellery. Be it the combination of bright colors like royal blue and yellow or the pale shades like rose gold and aqua, combinations look far better than […]

Five Do’s and Dont’s for BRIDE on their wedding day!

Everything is planned according to the wedding list that you created, in case you missed out on our post for the Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist, here it is . However, even after a lot of planning and deciding things can get a bit haywire on that day. A lot of mixed emotions are going on […]

Look gorgeous with these awesome lehengas under 10k – Wedamor

Wedding season is near and the rush to get the most fashionable and trendy outfits for the upcoming functions are on. A lehenga is one very popular dress that every girl opts for at least one of the functions. And I am sure that you are also going for one such lehenga. While buying your […]

Lab-Grown Diamond Wedding Bands: 4 FAQs to Help You Make the Right Decision – Wedamor

Diamonds are forever, which is why this precious stone is often the most popular choice as a symbol of everlasting love. But with the high humanitarian and environmental costs attached to the acquisition of natural diamonds, young couples are beginning to fall out of love with these. This is probably why more and more people […]

Latest Anklet And Payal Designs For The 2020 Bride – Wedamor

When it comes to the bridal attire, each and every component is equally important. Everything the bride will adorn on the big day, from head to toe has to be considered carefully. In this article, we bring to your attention a timeless piece of bridal attire- the Pajebs or Payals. They have a traditional significance […]

Latest Bride & Bridesmaid Photoshoot Ideas – Wedamor

What better way to commemorate your last days as a bachelorette than through a classy photoshoot? Bring in your bride squad and click some amazing shots. A bridal shower or a bachelorette party is a great time to get this done and also saves time as you needn’t organise a whole other shoot. You can […]

Latest Mehendi Songs For The Upcoming Wedding Season

Wedding is incomplete without dance. When I say dance, the important  element for dance is Songs. There are songs galore  that are released everyday in the Hindi film industry and today we will tell you about the latest Mehendi songs for the upcoming wedding season that you can dance on when there is mehendi ceremony […]