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The Ultimate Groom Accessory Checklist You Need

Well, wedding is not just about brides and their breathtaking looks! We all love grooms as well! Yes, that’s true that we all are little bit obsessed with brides but don’t worry we are here to provide the Ultimate Groom Accessory Checklist! In India, marriage is not just between the bride and the groom it […]

Things No One Tells you about Honeymoon! – Wedamor

Honeymoon Period is extremely exciting and intimate. It is the first official trip of the couple as husband and wife. A lot of people would agree that it was the best time of their lives and it was extremely romantic. It may be true but consequently, as the saying goes, “There may be petals on […]

Things To discuss With Your Partner Before Getting Married – Wedamor

Marriage is a wonderful journey of two people who have decided to stand by each other no matter what. It is not just a path of roses. With each passing day you will learn something new about your partner. And not only that there will be problems which will need your attention. The key to […]

Surprise Your Groom on Your Wedding Day – Wedamor

It’s wedding day, and he’s more than what you could ever ask for, so why not return his love and surprise your groom, and sweep him off his feet as he did to you. Here are some amazing ways to surprise your Groom on your wedding day. 1. Unforgettable First look Let him be the […]

The Beauty And Importance of Indian Wedding Traditions – Wedamor

The reason I love Indian weddings is because of their traditions. They aren’t called the Big Fat Indian Wedding for no reason. They are a grand affair of having splendid celebrations that have music, people dancing to good music, colorful rituals and shining outfits. Every religion and every region has different customs and different traditions. […]

The Best 3 Month Diet Plan For Brides-to-be To Get Glowing Skin

The wedding season is almost upon us! With all the hustle bustle, it’s easy to let your diet slip away from you. Worry not, we’ve got the perfect three-month diet plan for brides-to-be that will not just see you flaunting a hot bod but glowing skin and glossy hair as well. We spoke to nutritionist […]

The Best Kids Wear Designers For Indian Wear! – Wedamor

India’s women’s fashion segment is growing steadily, but a few years ago, we saw the rise of designer clothing of kids. Children these days are not far behind when it comes to their extremely cute style. These little fashionistas require outfits that are in sync with the latest styles and designs. Parents take great interest in […]

Beautiful Indian Brides Who Are Inspiration For This Wedding Season

Which bride do you consider an inspiration? The one who looks the prettiest on her wedding day? Or the one who has the perfect figure? Well, that is subjective but the bride who tried something unconventional on her wedding and nailed it is the bride who is an inspiration for us. This article is a […]

The Most Glamorous Indian Celeb Weddings – Wedamor

In recent times, a lot of weddings have taken place. There have been quite a large amount of celebrity weddings. It is almost tough to keep track of all of them. Moreover, they have been so grand that we couldn’t help but heard about them. Although, I’m sure some of us would like to know […]

Stunning Sarees With Cape Blouses For The Wedding Functions

Are you confused about what to wear on the wedding of your sister or friend? You want to look stylish and sassy but don’t want to look overdressed for the functions like Engagement. I understand your dilemma. Girls like to keep up with the latest trends, whether it is a casual wear or party wear. […]

Stylish Hairstyles To Rock At Your Sister’s Intimate Wedding

While of course, determining upon each aspect of your wedding ceremony appear has in no way been easy. Selecting a coiffure that resonates the most is exceedingly difficult. Always burdened between open hair or a half-tied hairdo, and as an alternative modish bun or; a standard bun, a braid and a ponytail, glossy tresses or […]

Stylish Outfits For Winter Wedding to Keep You Warm – Wedamor

Winter is here and so is the wedding season. With the time of celebrations coming up it becomes very tricky to get dressed and look astonishing at the same time. Now, to look beautiful and stay warm is the part where many people especially girls and ladies get confused. Which cloth to take or which […]

Subtle Mandap Designs That Will Add Charm To Your Pheras – Wedamor

Weddings are an embodiment of our cultures, traditions, our upbringing, and all that we have learned since so many years of our life. They are the perfect example of showing what you and your partner believe in. From what you wear, to what venue you both choose, from the decoration you like to the kind […]

Super Cool Ideas For Groomsmen Outfits – Wedamor

While there are a million articles regarding fashion tips and outfit ideas for bridesmaids, the same cannot be said of the groomsmen. But hey! It is your buddy’s big day, and you want to look dapper. Gone are the days when men were happy wearing a simple sherwani, now you also spend some time on […]

Super Hit Wedding Themes You Should Check Out – Wedamor

Wedding themes are something which holds the utmost importance in planning the wedding. Today your imagination can be transformed into reality. It is quite a tedious task to decide upon a wedding theme. Your wedding theme is the base for all the other decorations. Choosing a wedding theme requires in-depth research. With this digitalization, there […]

Songs For Bridesmaids To Dance At Sangeet – Wedamor

If you’re a bridesmaid then there are lots of expectations from you apart from having lots of responsibilities. When it comes to performing on sangeet, you need to have a suitable playlist. It gets difficult because there are hardly any songs for bridesmaids. To save you from the hassle, we are listing a bunch of […]

Seven Popular Types Of Wedding Bouquets- The Bride’s Guide

Bridal flowers are such an important part of your wedding day, so it’s important to pick a type of bouquet that will complement your overall look and theme. From romantic whimsical cascade bouquets to European biedermeier bouquets, brides have options when it comes to choosing their wedding bouquets. Which one will you carry down the […]

Seven Sacred Vows And Hindu Weddings – Wedamor

Marriage is a sacred union between two people. It is a celebration of love and understanding that two people share. India is a land of culture and tradition and marriage in India is celebrated like a big grand festival. This celebration is not only about two people getting married but also about their families who […]

Simple but Eye Catching Indian Wedding Decor Ideas – Wedamor

Weddings, the union of two souls is now celebrated as the biggest festival of every family. With fun, cheer, and celebration all around, everyone wants to enjoy their time to the fullest. It is a special day not only for the bride and the groom but also for all the members of their family, their […]

Simple Feet Mehendi Designs You Can Opt For Your Wedding Functions

You must have felt if you ever tried to wear Mehendi on your feet that it is a tough nut to crack. You will be able to adorn your hands with mehendi  in half the time you take to adorn your feet with Mehendi.  We understand your pain. So, we would not like to worsen the […]

6 Saree Draping Styles For Weddings, Engagements And Parties

Remember when we were little and tried struggling through draping our mom’s saree? It never turned out how it should for me; instead, I just got stuck in all the layers. We’ve all been there at least once, haven’t we? Or was I the only non-sanskari Indian girl who didn’t matriculate the art of saree […]

Say “Yes” To Arranged Marriages. Here’s why? – Wedamor

Before I start, I let me tell you that I have no first hand knowledge of ‘marriages’ altogether. I am just another Indian novice who is open to all the ideas of marriage on its continuum. So there you are ensured that these points of views are very much unbiased. We as millennials are scared […]

Seasonal Wedding Inspirations – Wedamor Weddings

There are five major seasons all over the world. The major wedding seasons starts from late Spring and continues all the way to Fall. Moreover, the peak wedding months are June and September. Although, these are the standard wedding seasons. As we all know, weddings can be held all through the year. Apart from the […]

Remedies From Around The World To Get The Perfect Bridal Glow

You must have seen brides throwing money at the beauty parlors hoping to get radiant and bright skin. You are even ready to spend most of your salary on those high-priced treatments. While in actuality, these beauty parlors are highly over-rated promising you of beautiful skin. But now you need not expend bucks on those parlors […]