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How Much a Destination Wedding in Udaipur Would Cost?

We all have watched the movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” and have dreamt of a destination wedding in Udaipur. With all those beautiful palaces and lakes, Udaipur has always been the perfect destination for a wedding. But before planning a wedding, there is something that we have to keep in mind, the budget. We should […]

5 Exquisite Destination Wedding Locations in India – Wedamor

Wedding is a formally recognised union of people as partners in a personal relationship. Which, in India, is an extravagant affair involving a major role of the families of both the bride and the groom. The evolution of weddings has led it to become a status symbol in India. Every family wants to be the […]

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Asia For Your Dream Wedding – Wedamor

Destination weddings, in a way, are a romantic and serene getaway for not only the couple, but also their family and friends. Such weddings give a beautiful environment in the depth of nature to exchange jai mala and take the pheras. Which is why the perfect setting is required for the most important day. With […]

Some Top Destination Wedding Planners In India For Your Wedding Day! –

 As much fun as they are, destination weddings can get super complicated. I’m talking about accommodation for 200 guests, negotiating hotel rates, planning the theme, booking vendors, air tickets, ground transport, decor, wedding itinerary and creating a customised budget. Sigh! And that is just to name a few.It just adds to the pressure of other weddingy things you […]

Different Types Decor for Various Venues – Wedamor

There are a lot of venues where wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other wedding events are held. Venues are crucial for a wedding and hold a very high level of importance.  Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that have you have found the most beautiful, memorable spot for you and the love of your life to […]

Debunked Myths on Weight Loss & Diets Must Know Before Wedding Day

Getting married and worrying more about your weight than your wedding? Well, earlier than you go on any of the crazy fad diets or; begin believing something people keeps telling you about weight loss and diet; let us grow to be your saviour. While you would possibly no longer be conscious of this however the […]

Creative Proposal Ideas 101 – Wedamor

If you and your beloved are ready to take the next step on the staircase of commitment, we have got you covered. Here are some interesting ways in which you can propose your partner to begin your new journey of marriage: TREASURE HUNT  Create a treasure hunt for your partner by scattering clues. Take him/her […]

Best Ways to Use Crop Tops as Lehenga Blouses in a Wedding

Have a wedding to attend but have no time for tailor-made designer dresses? Or better still, don’t really want to spend big bucks for just a night? Well, we’re here to save you! If you’re a big fan of crop tops just like me, your go-to outfit always ends up being something paired with a […]

Cute & Trendy Cake Topper Ideas – Wedamor

Cake toppers are a place for you to include something fun and quirky. It could be anything, be it your favourite action figures or your monogrammed initials or even some cute animal figurines. Cake toppers also make for a lovely keepsake after your wedding. With the numerous options out there, the process can get a […]

Dashing Mother-Of-The-Bride Outfit Ideas – Wedamor

Gone are the days when the mother-of-the-bride wore a saree by default. Now, times have changed, and the new generation of mothers-of-the-bride are experimenting with various styles and are getting their share of the limelight. They have curated looks tailored to the vibe and theme of the wedding and looked quite spectacular. Your daughter’s wedding […]

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid By Couples

The process of wedding planning is quite overwhelming. Even the most organized couple can make mistakes during the wedding planning journey. With so many things happening around you, it becomes difficult to control everything. But, there are a few common wedding planning mistakes that can be avoided by couples. Have a look. Source Sending Out […]

Coolest DIY ideas for your Wedding Décor – Wedamor

The D-day seems to be coming near, yet nothing seems to have finalised. The caterer hasn’t decided upon the menu, the location is yet to give its approval or your sherwani isn’t ready. Well, we may not be able to help you with these things but we sure can give you awesome ideas to pump […]

Coronavirus Wedding Impact- What All Can Be Done?

A whole bunch of couples, who were going to get married in the next couple of months, are surely freaking out. They can’t think to get married for at least 4-5 months from now, thanks to the pandemic. The worldwide coronavirus outbreak, Covid-19, has forced Indians as well as people in abroad nations to re-plan […]

Ceremonies Which Complete An Indian Wedding – Wedamor Events

All over the world, Indian Wedding Ceremonies are known to be extremely grand, tedious and also time-consuming. It is true, but we prefer it that way. The wedding ceremonies range from a day to seven, and sometimes even more. This is due to the number of ceremonies that families traditionally tend to prefer. Now, all […]

Changes in Wedding Catering – Wedamor

Food is an essential element for our survival. It helps us to sustain but for a few people, it is their way to happiness. Some people are big-time foodies, they love to eat and taste different types of food. It brings them joy and satisfaction. For such people, food is not only a way to […]

Checklist for bride-to-be’s brother on the wedding day – Wedamor

For a sister, her sibling is her hero, good example, defender, and informal ATM :- P He guards her, battles for her, ensures her and successfully expedite a grin her face. After a young lady gets hitched, she is well on the way to miss her Bhaiya. As a sibling, you also need to satisfy […]

Checklist For Wedding Vanity-Last Minute Checklist – Wedamor

Approaching wedding and the flurry within to make it a fairy tale! We know it all! And just so, that you are not disappointed with yourself on your D-Day with your makeup and does. Today we enlist for you, the last minute checklist for wedding vanity. For a Gripping Face: A Primer: It is a […]

Buh Bye Pre-Wedding Jitters Wedamor – Ideas

If you find yourself reading this article then you are probably one of those brides getting the ‘pre-wedding jitters’. Are you restlessly searching tips to get away from the wedding stress that is bothering you? Then you are at the right place. A Wedding is an event that only comes once in your life. It undoubtedly marks […]

Pick the Perfect Wedding Shoe this wedding season

Choosing your bridal shoes wedding shoes is the next important thing once you have finalized your wedding dress. A marriage is like a dream for all girls and therefore it’s most likely that they prefer collecting souvenirs of the weddings they attend as they wish to have their own wedding ceremonies someday based on their dreams. A […]

Bridal Solo Dance Choreography You Can Learn While You’re Staying Home

Cancelled your wedding due to this pandemic? Now are planning to get married by the end of the 2020 or directly in 2021? This pandemic is actually a blessing in disguise for you. You get ample time to plan your wedding more efficiently. One thing which definitely requires time and practice is the Sangeet dance performance. […]

Bridal Jewelry Other Than Gold – Wedamor

When it comes to bridal jewelry, people often chose gold. That is because it is a tradition but also valuable. But some brides don’t like gold jewelry or may be allergic to it. And nowadays, though gold is still valuable, jewelry design is considered old-fashioned. So today the brides do not prefer gold jewelry. But […]

How to Style a Black and White Romantic Wedding Themes – Wedamor

With some Indian Wedding Themes following the western traditions read this blog by Andrea Fowler from “” (a wedding planning website in U.S.A) on how to style a romantic wedding themes by giving some black white wedding theme style tips. Style Tips for Black and White Romantic Wedding Themes Elegant and timeless, a black and […]

Celebrity Wedding Themes Wedamor Inspiration –

The best part about a celebrity wedding is that we get to see all the unique ideas, from the dress of the bride to the decors to the cake. Wedding planners are the true gems behind the exquisite celebrity wedding themes and we thought it would be fun to list some of the great ideas […]

Bollywood Movie Marriage Proposals That Will Melt Your Heart

The airport scene in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na where Jay rides a horse on the streets of Mumbai to stop Aditi from leaving and asked her to marry him followed by the chase inside the airport that gave us the chills. We all wanted someone to call us from behind and have that dramatic […]